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March 16, 2010

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Beyond the Book of the Week: Actual Size by Steve Jenkins

Sometimes it’s just too hard to put a good book down. So from time to time we’ll go beyond the book and explore a few things you can doodlee-doo with our favorite books.


Art Appreciation: Looking closely at Steve Jenkins illustrations, introduce the art medium of collage. Children can select their own animal to create a collage work of art. As with all learning, adult/child interaction is the key. Above, Mom and seven year-old grandson #3 brainstormed insects together and planned an insect collage book full of facts, “Don’t Know Much About Insects,” (below). Mom helped create outlines of insects, while grandson #3 searched through magazines for just the right collage colors. Then he cut and glued the perfect pieces on the outline, creating a one of a kind grasshopper, cockroach, etc. In writing and illustrating his book, Grandson #3 truly became a researcher, author and collage artist.


Math: For the very young, this book is a great introduction to comparison math vocabulary: large/small, long/short, big/little, tall/taller, short/shorter  . . . Ask simple questions: Which is bigger the moth or the fish? Is your eye bigger or smaller than a giant squid’s eye? For older children, this book is a great hands-on investigation for the: ruler, yardstick and tape measure. Get down on the floor, out in the hall or outside and start measuring.



Science: Actual Size is an artfully illustrated book that entices children to explore the diversity of our natural world. It models the importance of comparison, measurement, observation and record keeping. What a great encouragement for children to keep their own science journals. For his book Don’t Know Much About Insects (above), grandson #3 researched and selected the facts he wanted to include.

Themes: animal species, mammals, reptiles, birds, insects, fish, sea creatures, compare, contrast, sorting, measurement, cut-paper collage study


Actual Size (Bccb Blue Ribbon Nonfiction Book Award (Awards))

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