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April 7, 2010

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We have a little enigma living in our home.  We brought our daughter home from the hospital and in between day-after-day, day-after-day, and then a bunch more days-after-days of no sleep, she kept us wondering, “What will her personality be like?”  For about the first 10 months of her life she was a total enigma to us.


Yes, this is her little clinched fist of defiance that she waved at us for her first 10 months. Three years later she is still a mystery to us. These are the few things that we do know .  .  .


First, she loves music and can’t help but dance when she hears a tune. When we drive in the car she yells from the back, “I want a song.  Play my songs.”  Her favorite T.V. nights are American Idol and So You think You Can Dance.  Not because she watches the competition but because she dances the night away on her self-proclaimed dance floor.


She is a comedian! If it takes rolling around on the trampoline to get a good rise out of all of her boy cousins, by gosh she’s gonna do it over and over again! And if it takes potty humor to get a laugh, by gosh she’s gonna use it!


She’s very petite, shy and sweet. Sweet as a little fairy. She’s giving and always ready to share her treats.


But .  .  . under that shy, emotionally reserved demeanor lives The Hulk just waiting to be released.  When unknowing people are exposed to Miss Enigma’s Hulk like temperament they are taken aback.  What?  How did that come out of that demure little girl?  We just shake our head and pray for some kind of parental wisdom.  She’s tough.  And despite his quirks, she’s much tougher than her brother, MacGyver.  Not to mention, that sinister laugh she is tweaking is beginning to scare us!


For now, we just put on her favorite music and dance and sing with our tiny little enigma.  Then in the next second, we try to ignore her shrill screams at her brother and the fact that she’s hitting the dog she loves so dearly with a little shovel.  Oh, did I mention that she thinks she’s French?  Each night she must kiss me on each check before she goes to bed.  However, I’m not allowed to kiss her back unless she deems it okay.  She’s complicated!

How about your child, is she a dancer, a comedian, a giver, a builder, an artist, a writer .  .  . ?

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Amanda April 7, 2010 at 4:05 pm

Madelyn reminds me so much of your tiny dancer. She too loves AI and SYTYCD. She is also into this season’s Dancing with the Stars. She is so sweet and outgoing, but we are starting to see her scary toddler side. She threw her first tantrum this weekend when we had to leave The Children’s Place, she apparently was not done shopping. She comes by it naturally though. I think she will be a performer of some kind because she loves an audience.

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