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April 13, 2010

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I purchased Lizards for Lunch a Roadrunner’s Tale on my most recent trip to Big Bend. In the attempt to rest my weary hiking feet and bones, I found myself sitting on the lodge gift shop floor reading through a selection of children’s books.


Day 1:  Upon our return home, I read the book to grandson #3.

Day 2:  Then he took a turn and read it to me. In his reading log, he decided Lizards for Lunch fell right in between being a “just right” and a “challenge” book for him.


Day 3:  He choose this book for his reading response. He shared that something new he had learned learned from the book was a roadrunner is 20 to 25 inches long.


Day 4:  During journal writing, Grandson # 3 built upon his “Day 3″ reading response drawing. You can see the progression in his drawing. It is much more detailed. He looked through the book at the illustrations and added 2 different cactus, snakes, snake holes in the ground and bugs. On the roadrunner he drew 4 toes, 2 pointing forward and 2 pointing backward. The toe information is located in the story. In the back of the book there are about 20 actual facts about roadrunners.


Fact: The roadrunner is 20 to 25 inches, beak tip to tail tip. This makes a great math investigation: Is my arm longer or shorter than a roadrunner?


After he finished his journal drawing, Grandson # 3 and I did a little shared writing in his journal.  He wrote one sentence and then I wrote one sentence.


We took turns writing several times. We even had to move onto the back of the paper. All of this from a boy who wouldn’t write in a journal a month ago.


Doing interactive writing with children is the perfect way to model longer sentence structure, more descriptive writing, spelling, handwriting, etc. When the journal entry was finished, he read it aloud to me. He read with great expression and fluency (and pride).


I selected two misspelled words from his writing and did a quick mini-lesson with him.


This is Grandson # 3’s favorite picture in Lizards for Lunch. He liked the many different sizes, shapes and colors. But mostly he liked the way that they were dancing arm in arm. Illustrated by Beth Neely and Don Rantz.

Remember we are GIVING AWAY this book! Visit yesterday’s post –  Book of the Week: Lizards for Lunch

One final thought:  The work we share is “real-kid” work.  It won’t be perfect and it might even be messy. What stands-out for us is the learning that goes on behind the scene and the joy that the learning brings.

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Tiffany April 15, 2010 at 9:28 pm

I just love the cacti in his journal drawing.

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