Day Dreaming this Mother’s Day

May 6, 2010

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I day dream a lot! Since Mother’s Day is approaching, I started day dreaming about my children and how we have spent our past Mother’s Days. Here are my little beach bums Mother’s Day 2007.

2007 kids Mother's Day beach

I just want to scoop up these two and smother them with kisses. If they grow up to be professional beach bums, they’ll make their Mother proud!

Mother's Day 2007 Miss Enigma at the beach

Mother’s Day 2007 was  little baby enigma’s first trip to the beach. She was teething and I didn’t get any sleep during the entire vacation. (I actually didn’t get any sleep her first ten months. But this was even worse than usual.) But what better place to be a sleep deprived mother than lounging on the beach all day?

2007 MacGyver at the beach for Mother's Day.

My little scavenger MacGyver finding a special Mother’s Day gift.

What is your sheer bliss Mother’s Day?

Is is locked in the bathroom soaking in a bubble bath? Is it curled-up in a cozy chair reading a good book. Is it eating breakfast in bed prepared by tiny hands?

Apparently, mine is celebrating at the beach. As I was day dreaming about this 2007 trip to the beach, I realized I have celebrated ALL of my Mother’s Days at the beach! Life just doesn’t get much better than a day at the beach watching my children exploring this amazing  world. So guess what I’m doing now? I’m day dreaming about another Mother’s Day at the beach. Regardless, where or how we celebrate, my life is abundantly blessed!

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Robin May 6, 2010 at 3:54 pm

Mothers day bliss for me is having those around me who are close to my heart. Sharing time in the garden or at the park or just where ever we are on that day or any day… to feel the love and to give the love.

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