Senses at the Seashore: going beyond the book (FREE printable book and song)

May 11, 2010

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Yesterday we introduced our book GIVEAWAY for the week: Senses at the Seashore.

At the Beach book read aloud

Today we’re getting ready for the the beach! Won’t you join us? We’ll start with a song adaptation and end with a printable beach book (look for the FREE printable link at the end of the post).

Going on a Picnic song chart

Each year we start with a core group of songs for our sing-along time. Two of the songs we like to introduce at the beginning of the year are I Love the Mountains and Going on a Picnic. (Surprise, we found a version done by Raffi for you to listen to the tune.) For preschoolers and early elementary we like to write these songs on large song charts. We model one-to-one pointing, reading left to right, letter sounds and high frequency words. (And that’s just the beginning.)

Going on a picnic sentence strips

On the chart above, we left blanks for the items we will bring on the picnic. Instead, we write the words on sentence strips.

Going on a Pinic using sentence strips

During sing-along time, we model how to use the sentence strip words. At center time we have a sing-along station. The students can stick the words on the chart and sing their own version of the song. With young children we are trying to create a strong early literacy foundation full of rich experiences. We are not trying to “teach” the students how to read.

At the Beach read aloud book

At the Beach

Once the children are familiar with the song Going on a Picnic, we use it to create many song adaptations. As the teacher (or homeschool Mom), we do not write the song adaptations ahead of time. We invite the children to brainstorm and create the song adaptations as an interactive experience. So let’s get ready to go to the beach! At the Beach is one of the books we like sharing when we do our song adaptation: Going to the Beach.

When we begin our beach theme study, we ask students to bring “beach” items from home. These items help the students when we start brainstorming for our beach adaptation. After sharing beach books and experiences with our students, we invite them to brainstorm items they would need for a trip to the beach.

As they share their ideas, we write their beach items on a big chart or sentence strips. That’s it the first day, they brainstorm and we write the words. There’s much discussion and interactions.

Going to the beach song adaptation

On a follow-up day we do a shared writing session with the children. We write the song as they share their ideas. We let the children be our leaders. If they began to wiggle and lose interest, then we know that’s enough for one day. We’ll revisit again on another day.

Print this song adaptation: Going on a Picnic / Going to the Beach

I'm ready for the beach: FREE printable book

I’m Ready for the Beach is a FREE printable book that you can use for guided reading. It follows a similar pattern as the song adaptation: Going to the Beach.

Did you bring a pail and shovel? FREE printable book

Each page highlights an item you might take to the beach.

Print this book: I’m Ready for the Beach

We ask you to honor “the honor system” when printing this book.  These materials may not be downloaded and stored in any retrieval system.  These little books and other printable materials will ALWAYS be available to you for FREE in the archives of this site. Any time you need additional copies, just return to to print.  If you would like to share materials with other parents or teachers, just pass along a link to

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Visit yesterday’s post for a chance to win Senses at the Seashore.

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Jackie August 3, 2010 at 1:42 pm

I love this! I love all your beach ideas! They are simple enough for my little one (who has no prior knowledge of anything beach related). Thanks again for sharing!

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