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August 31, 2010

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If I ever win the lottery, I’ll share it with the children in Cambodia and then pack up my Man of Steel and our kids and travel around the world. What better way to learn about our world? Soaking up the beauty of our world, the history of our world, the cultures of our world, the people of our world and the foods of our world. (Have I ever mentioned that we love food?)

But alas, I haven’t won the lottery. (I guess you actually have to purchase a lottery ticket to win the lottery. Maybe I’ll do that some day.) So I’ve done a little traveling and I often read about others’ travel journeys. I read Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert long before Oprah and Julia Roberts made it famous. While browsing the travel section, I ran across this book and it sounded perfect for a traveling soul like mine.

Movie review: Joyce, Alyssa and myself took a little break and headed to the movie Eat, Pray, Love last week. If you like to travel, beautiful scenery and food, GO. But please do not take a man to this movie. He will probably die of boredom right there in his theater seat.

Here are just a few of the travel journals I’ve read. I share my books with others so who knows where my books are now! There is a common theme woven through the ones above: Person moves to foreign country. Person renovates home. Person adapts to new culture. Person eats good food. Hmm, I see something in my future.

Movie review: Okay, this one is a little late or a lot late, but please skip the movie version of  Under The Tuscan Sun. Again, I read Under The Tuscan Sun long before any movie producer bought the rights. I’m sure many of you enjoyed the movie version but it felt like mostly fiction to me. I invite you to read the book and get to know the real Frances Mayes and her lovely flare for writing!

Now, all of these travel memoirs are on my to-read list. In my past life, I read quite a bit. Now I’m a homeschooling mommy and when I begin reading, it last about 5 minutes and I’m fast asleep. Maybe when my children are teenagers, I’ll have the energy to read late into the night again. I know you with teenagers are laughing right now. Well I guess I’ll be waiting-up long into the wee hours of the morning, so at least that should give me some extra reading time.

The Unlikely Lavender Queen by Jeannie Ralston is a memoir about a sophisticated writer from Manhattan who moves to a foreign land: Texas! Join her for a tale that takes place in our own backyard. I am currently reading her book. It is very interesting to see the place you live through the eyes of a “foreigner.” I’m hoping she’ll learn to love Texas during the last half of her memoir.

Have you read any good “travels” lately? Or share your own travel memoirs.

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We’re also sharing 10 Easy Steps to Introduce children to Journal Writing with TWO book GIVEAWAYS: I Like Me by Nancy Carlson and I like Myself by Karen Beaumont.


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Anthy October 25, 2010 at 10:12 pm

This is an older post, and this movie (Eat Pray Love) is probably not even playing in the second-run cinemas anymore …
But I have to admit that I HATED this book! (I didn’t see the movie, but forced myself to finish the book!) I pretty much agree with this review of it here:
Anyway, just thought I’d offer a counter-opinion; I hope you don’t mind!
I’ve read A Year in Provence, as well, and also found it incredibly conceited, but it was a lot better than Eat Pray Love!
Hmmm, maybe it’s the genre. But I don’t think so. I know I’ve read some wonderful travel books. One I would highly recommend is called The End of Elsewhere: Travels Among The Tourists by Taras Grescoe. And there are certainly others I would think of, if I had more time to think about it. I haven’t read Under The Tuscan Sun, but I’d love to give it a read some time. Happy reading and Happy travels!

Marlene Herrera June 18, 2012 at 10:39 am

Well this summer the whole family is going on a Road trip to Los Angeles, California. I’m going to buy my daughter a Journal and we will take picture and she will write about everything or anything she sees throughout the trip.

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