Ornament Christmas Tradition for Children

December 20, 2010

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You’ll want to steal this special Christmas Tradition for your children. I did!

I totally stole this idea from my sister Jennifer. Every Christmas, Saint Nick leaves a special ornament for each of the children in their stockings.

Above are the “Baby’s First Christmas” ornaments both MacGyver and Miss Enigma received. Each year I unpack these, I remember those sweet little babies. And the children love to hear tales about what they were like when they were my little babies.

Each year, their ornaments reflect their own special interests or personality. Years 2 and 4, MacGyver’s ornaments highlighted his ongoing obsession with airplanes. Year 3,  MacGyver squeezed in a little fascination with fish.  So of course, Saint Nick squeezed in a little fish ornament.

Some years, Saint Nick brings ornaments from that year’s travels. Can you guess where we went in 2007? Anyone guess Chicago? Funny, Saint Nick always knows where we’ve traveled! This airplane flew all the way from Chicago.

Some years, Saint Nick even gets crafty. These ornaments were made from items purchased at the big shell souvenir shop during our beach vacation. He even used the crushed shells we found on the beach. (Do you mind if I stop to sing “Memories” to myself.)

Another year at the beach, another fish ornament for our tree. This delicate glass fish is Miss Enigma’s memory from our family trip to the beach.  However, anyone who knows MacGyver, understands why Saint Nick HAD to drop this dinosaur ornament into his stocking.

The year Mommy traveled to Cambodia, Saint Nick delivered these adorable little ornaments all the way from Cambodia. Originally, they were key chains. But that Saint Nick, he had to use a little creativity!

This year Saint Nick found these extra special ornaments at the Sherren Smith Gift & Garden Center located in Brooksire Texas, outside of Houston.  The Brookwood Community is an educational, residential, and entrepreneurial community for adults with functional disabilities. These beautiful ornaments were made by residents of The Brookwood Community. BUY Brookwood, your dollars buy a lovely product AND helps support adults with disabilities. Yes, you can shop online!!!

As we begin unwrapping these treasured ornaments each year, we take our annual stroll down memory lane. The children are anxious to hear stories about why Saint Nick selected each ornament. And now that they are older, they are beginning to join in on the sharing of their special memories. Decorating  the tree is a true time of joy for our little family.

Some day when the children are all grown-up, sigh, and they have a Christmas tree of their own, these ornaments will be gifted to them. And all of their special childhood memories can be shared with their own children as they decorate their tree.

I’ll just excuse myself so I can grab a hankie! I’m a little faklempt.

Talk amongst yourselves as I try to come to terms with the fact that my children will be all grown-up one day . . . I’ll give you a topic . . . What family Christmas tradition do you treasure? Please share. We like to steal all of your good ideas. Discuss . . .

Merry Christmas! (It’s not too late to pick up an ornament for this year’s stocking.)

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Debi December 20, 2010 at 11:06 am

We have the same ornament tradition in our house, though the kids can help choose throughout the year. Decorating the tree is made that much more special with the addition of some of the ornaments I had as a child, too. So special!

Brandy December 20, 2010 at 3:41 pm

We do the ornaments as well, except Santa doesn’t bring it, instead we let the kids open them on the night we put the tree up, that way they can enjoy it during the whole season.

My favorite Christmas tradition is making ornaments. Everyone’s favorite ornament is the cinnamon applesauce ornaments. When we finish making them (and we make a ton) we hang them all around the house…doorknobs, cabinet knobs, Christmas tree, everywhere…and the house smells so Christmasy the whole season. What fun! We do make a lot of other ornaments too, that we love, but for some reason, this one always takes the cake.

Alice December 20, 2010 at 4:54 pm

We do ornaments every year as my parents did for me. We currently have way too many ornaments for our tree every year so we don’t use many of my old ones. I do love to look through them though.

Deb December 20, 2010 at 7:42 pm

I love this idea SO MUCH! I am totally going to steal it!

(of course, control-freak Deb will have to be talked off the ledge that I did not start the minute they were born, but she’ll just have to chill)

Jackie December 21, 2010 at 2:01 pm

This is such a great idea. My husband buys me an ornament every year but I never thought to start a tradition for our boys. Also, my husband’s grandma always bought him an ornament. They reflect all of his interests growing up. It’s so sweet to see them- though this year, it’s bittersweet because she passed away 2 weeks ago. I’m glad he has those special ornaments to remember her with.

amandab December 26, 2010 at 4:51 pm

I’ve had this open for days, ut it has taken me awhile to get some time to it quietly at my computer and catch up on my reading. Hope you all had a lovely Christmas :)

We have an ornament tradition in our house too. Each year I have Princess pose for pictures, then send one off to be turned into a ceramic ornament for the tree. I hope this will continue for a long while to come, and that by the time she leaves home she will have a whole tree full of ornaments to take with her to remind her of all the Christmases already gone :)

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