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May 9, 2011

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Book of the Week GIVEAWAY (TWO books in one):

Life Cycles: Egg to Chicken and Life Cycles: Tadpole to Frog by Camilla de la Bedoryere.

Why we love these books:

We are dedicating this week to life cycles and getting children up close and personal with nature. These “Flip Me Over” books are fabulous! They are full of information and the real life photos bring the life cycles of the chick and frog up close to the children. The detailed photos and concise text will keep even the youngest learners interested, while beginning readers will be able to enjoy these nonfiction books independently. After reading about the chick and frog, the children can compare and contrast the life cycles.  Children love nonfiction books and these two books will be thoroughly enjoyed by all!

I am currently reading, Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children from Nature-Deficit Disorder by Richard Louv. All I can say is, “Preach it Brother!” Mr. Louv begins Chapter 1:

Unlike television, nature does not steal time; it amplifies it. Nature offers healing for a child living in a destructive family or neighborhood. It serves as a blank slate upon which a child draws and reinterprets the culture’s fantasies. Nature inspires creativity in a child by demanding visualization and the full use of the senses. Given a chance, a child will bring the confusion of the world to the woods, wash it in the creek, turn it over to see what lives on the unseen side of that confusion. Nature can frighten a child too, and this fright serves a purpose. In nature, a child finds freedom, fantasy, and privacy: a place distant from the adult world, a separate peace.

Over here at waddlee-ah-chaa, we believe so strongly in children experiencing nature and finding that separate peace that we’ve dedicated an entire section to living life “out in the world.” This week our “out in the world” learning takes a seat front and center! Last Child in the Woods is one of the books we wish every parent and teacher would read.

Often children read and do a worksheet on the life cycle of a tadpole growing into a frog. Unfortunately, that’s as close as they get to nature. Oh, how I wish all children could spend a day at Aunt Joyce’s river observing tadpoles growing and changing before their very eyes.

Or what if all children could spend a morning at Aunt Jennifer’s house gently capturing at least 30 tiny frogs. Then they could bring them home to create an observation habitat, finally releasing the baby frogs into their natural garden habitat. I don’t know, for some reason that seems more memorable than a worksheet.

While we’re on the subject of life cycles, how about every child hunting for caterpillars in their yards, housing them in their butterfly “houses,” observing them turn into a chrysalis and then magically emerging from the chrysalis as a beautiful butterfly.

Don’t have any caterpillars crawling around. No worries, you can order some! We received a very important package last week . . .

five hungry caterpillars in their Caterpillar Rearing Kit. These kits make wonderful gifts! MacGyver’s gotten two. He loved them!!!

Even little Miss Enigma, age four, already knows the life cycle of a butterfly. She knows that when the caterpillars climb to the top of their little container and hang upside down, they’re going to shed their skin and leave behind a chrysalis. It was just a few years ago that I first observed this amazing metamorphosis. As an adult, I was totally in awe as I watched this process and finally observed a real live butterfly emerge from its chrysalis. I witnessed a miracle!

In a few weeks, it will be time for the children to experience another annual life cycle miracle. The new baby deer will be born in our neighborhood. Last year, MacGyver spent an entire day observing this fresh little fawn in our yard. He snapped numerous photos and certainly  experienced a day of separate peace.

And let’s not forget about the life cycle of plants. I dream of every child being given the opportunity to sprout and nurture a plant grown from a tiny seed. (FREE Printable)

Oscar and the Frog: A Book About Growing by Geoff Waring is another great introduction book to life cycles. It includes plants, a variety of animals, birds and insects.

We’ll be back tomorrow with a FREE printable life cycles book.

So an update on the printable life cycles book. Currently my computer and I are in a feud!!! I won’t go into the details but my computer has been misbehaving and has been sent away to an expert, not once but twice, for a little attitude adjustment. It looks like a third trip is in order (or I might just get a sledgehammer). When my computer and I are friends again, waddlee-ah-chaa will be back with a lovely printable! Until then take a look around. Who knows what you’ll find. :)

Life with Jeannine

We’re GIVING AWAY one copy of  Life Cycles: Egg to Chicken and Life Cycles: Tadpole to Frog by Camilla de la Bedoryere.

To enter this contest, just answer the following question in the comments section of this post.

So what do you think, are today’s children suffering from what Richard Louv calls a “Nature-Deficit Disorder”?

Or let me know, are you suffering from sleep deprivation today?. I am! So I apologize if any of this doesn’t make sense!!! (Or just say “Hey.” We’re flexible around here.)

The Rules:

One entry per person, please.

No entries after 8:00 pm Central Time, Thursday, May 12, 2011

The winner must be a resident of The United States.

The winner will be selected at random and announced Friday, May 13, 2011. Check back it might be you!

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Alissa May 9, 2011 at 7:12 pm

Hey- I’m sleep deprived too (is that why you made sense to me? lol) We strive to get outside every day, but to answer your question- yes I think a lot of kids are nature deprived and TV saturated. I feel happy with the choices we make to get outside and be in nature. I can see what it’s given me and what good it gives my children. Oh- and I really ant to get caterpillars this Spring too! (How’s that for a sleep deprived sort of ramble…)

Brandy May 9, 2011 at 7:58 pm

I can’t speak for the rest of the world’s children, but my children basically live outdoors. And adore anything nature related. If they caught one roly poly tonight, they caught a hundred. And a centipede…or was it a millipede? And found about 20 different types of leaves…and built a dam out of rocks on the driveway.

And I’m not sleep deprived…but this week is about to pick up…so I’m expecting to be by Fri. night.

Julie@The Adventures of Bear May 9, 2011 at 10:47 pm

My children LOVE to be outside. We ordered caterpillars three months ago and it was terrific to see the metamorphosis. I want to get tadpoles or ladybug larva but I’ve read such negative reviews about them arriving dead! We go outside as much as Mama can bear it. I like my stable, climate controlled house much better than 100 degree outside. I grew up in mild climates and extremes are hard. I always played outside as a kid.

Merelyn - Real Kid Friendly May 10, 2011 at 2:24 pm

yes and yes.
However, Boe’s not. We spend 3/4 of day outside (even when it’s raining).
We just began watching tadpoles in one of our ponds. It amazes me that he is so respectful of them!

5ennie May 10, 2011 at 3:24 pm

Yes, they definitely are. When my kids were at traditional school they barely ever had time to just play, especially outside. Exploring nature? Forget about it. Fortunately homeschooling has allowed my kids plenty of both outside playtime and exploring.
Here from HHH!

The Little List May 10, 2011 at 3:51 pm

I think children are definitely suffering from nature deficit disorder. When I was little I spent MOST of time outdoors and I want the same for my litle one.

Tara May 10, 2011 at 9:10 pm

I would definitely say that today’s children don’t get outside enough. Our boys love playing outside and finding all kinds of little creatures.

And I’ve actually been sleeping really good lately! :)

Anissa May 11, 2011 at 5:57 pm

Nature is a daily part of our school experience. I have to admit I prefer the 70 degree weather of May as opposed to the 20 degree weather in January though! They especially enjoy rainy days and their self assigned chore of saving the worms that wash up on our driveway. I guess that is similar to the parable of the Starfish!

I let my daughter do her workbook in the sunshine today for a bit – it made both of us happy!

As far as sleep deprivation – umm, yes! This is due to my lovely insomnia much to my sweet hubby’s dismay….

Heather @ Cultivated Lives May 12, 2011 at 1:26 am

I love Last Child in the Woods, well the first half of it anyways… There was some bashing at the end that I didn’t care for. And yes, kids are kept so busy these days that there is no time for the outdoors. If they aren’t being taken to a million and one different formal activities and then watching TV in what remains of their ‘free time’.

We’d love to win those books. We are just wrapping up a life cycle/development unit and watched caterpillars go through metamorphosis (even managing to find and catch one from our backyard), incubate eggs (we now have 3 chicks that we’ll keep for a while before giving them back to our friends) and would have loved to do tadpoles if it were legal to order them over the internet in our state.

It is so cool when kids get to really interact with and witness amazing things in the real world…

Tiffany May 12, 2011 at 11:25 am

Yes and yes.

Andrea May 14, 2011 at 10:18 pm

Great giveaway! I definitely think kids need to be outside more and really focus on the world God gave us!

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