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June 7, 2011

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Beginning when MacGyver was 6-months-old, Daddy began reading to baby MacGyver every night as part of their bedtime routine. Little did he know that eight years later Bedtime Books with Daddy would still be going strong.

For those of you who don’t know our Man of Steel, I began calling him this because he truly has an understated Clark Kent personality. He NEVER seeks the limelight for himself, but works anonymously behind the scenes to save the day for us over and over again. Keeping this understated personality in mind . . .

One night when MacGyver was about 8-months-old, Aunt Joyce and Alyssa were over chatting with me in our kitchen. Suddenly, they heard, from the living room, our Man of Steel reading and singing Wheels on the Bus to MacGyver. They were quite SHOCKED as our Man of Steel DOES NOT sing in public. But there he was with little MacGyver tucked in his lap, singing his way through the familiar book. Better yet, this wasn’t a boring, shy version of the song, but rather a vibrant and fun preschool-teacher rendition of the song.

When Baby Enigma was born, she joined the nightly reading time with Daddy. She snuggled close to Daddy and big brother, looking and listening to the books.

Eight years later Bedtime Books with Daddy continues to be a nightly ritual in our home. The kiddos and Daddy spend 30 minutes to an hour EVERY night wrestling, cuddling and reading. And now that MacGyver is reading, he reads a little something to Daddy each night.  Yes, sometimes the evening ends with Daddy and Kiddos sleeping snugly together.

Father’s Day Gifts come and go, but I know that Daddy and the children will fondly remember “Bedtime Books with Daddy” for the rest of their lives. Let me do the quick math. 4 books a night X 365 nights a year X 8 years = 11,680 Bedtime Books with Daddy! Wow! That’s a lot of reading and a lot of snuggling!

How about a different kind of Father’s Day gift this year? This year let the children select a library of read-aloud books for Daddy. Here are some of the favorite “Bedtime Books with Daddy” in our home. We have found that Daddy doesn’t like the mushy, gushy books that Mommy likes. He likes books that are funny and entertaining. And of course, he reads with great enthusiasm and singing if it is called for! That’s real love from someone who DOES NOT sing in public. And I must not forget, he also reads loads of nonfiction and dinosaur books for MacGyver. All of those dinosaur books . . . ummm . . . now that’s REALLY love.

If you have older children, don’t skip bedtime reading with Daddy. Pick-up some chapter books and let the ritual and memories begin!

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Do your children have a favorite book to read with Daddy? We’ll add it to our list.

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