Celebrating Father’s Day Out in the World

June 8, 2011

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As Father’s Day rapidly approaches, we’d like to take this opportunity say thank you to all of the Daddies who take our children out into the big wide world.

Rather than heading to the electronics store to buy Daddy the latest and greatest gadget, we’ll save-up to spend precious time with Daddy creating memories. We’ve made a conscious decision in our family to not spend all of our money on “stuff”. Now don’t get me wrong, we own much more junk than we need. However, we try to focus our resources on family experiences. For us that doesn’t mean dropping loads of money at Disney World or Schlitterbahn (although I’m sure those years will come). For us celebrating our family means getting out into the world and simply enjoying each other’s company.

Besides, spending time with Daddy out into the world is much different than spending time with Mommy out in world. Daddy surfs the waves with the children.

Mommy sits under the umbrella and takes pictures.

Daddy teaches MacGyver how to cut-up slimy squid, put them on the hook and fish out in the big blue ocean.

Mommy sits under the umbrella and looks at a magazine. Mommy is certainly not touching a slimy squid!

Hour after hour, day after day, Daddy unwearyingly stands by MacGyver’s side as he catches fish after fish after fish. Miss Enigma holds Daddy’s hand as she swims safely about in the clear blue water.

Mommy sits under the umbrella drinking a coke and takes more photos as she admires her sweet little family.

Daddy spends hours paddling the children out into the deep blue sea.

Mommy sits under the umbrella with a book and waves as they happily pass by again and again. There’s absolutely no way Mommy can paddle in the ocean for hours!

Miss Enigma has the time of her life riding across the ocean with Daddy.

Mommy get’s out from under the umbrella for a close-up photo.

Daddy takes the children hunting for crabs late at night with flashlights.

Mommy takes a picture of MacGyver’s special memory in his journal and posts it on the blog.

And most importantly, each day Daddy hauls all of our beach crap, I mean gear, beach gear down the boardwalk and sets us up for a day of fun on the white sands.

Mommy stops to take a photo and thinks she hears Daddy cursing under his breath, “Why are you taking a photo of this?!”

Because we all know we couldn’t make it two feet without our Man of Steel.

How do I know that these adventures out into the world with Daddy mean so much to the children? Because that’s me on top of the Texas State sign with my sisters and my Daddy. Year after year, our Daddy created a lifetime of memories for us as we camped our way across the country.

I don’t remember one single Father’s Day gift we gave our father (and I bet he doesn’t either). But our entire family fondly remembers those yearly camping trips and the way we bonded as a family, learning that no matter how big the world is we would always move through life tackling it together.

Happy Father’s Day to all of the Daddy’s who take us out into the world for a life full adventure!

What adventures have you experienced with your family?

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