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September 27, 2011

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Happy Birthday to Joyce.  Happy Birthday to Joyce. Happy Birthday dear me . . . Has your husband every given you a present you didn’t like? Well that happened to me this year. You know I love coffee! My coffee pot died and my thoughtful husband gave me a new coffee pot with ALL the bells & whistles. It was very fancy. Well, we have been married long enough that I could say, “This is too much for me! Too many doodads!”

So, I took the fancy coffee pot back and went on a quest for a Made in America coffee pot. I headed over to ABC News to find links to Made in America products.

After many hours of research, I found it! The one, the only coffee pot Made in America. It is this Bunn Velocity Brew coffee maker and I purchased it from Sears. For more information about Bunn Coffee Makers Assembled in Creston, Iowa.

I was so proud of myself and then my son pointed out that the box says assembled in U.S.A. From there he proceeds to inform me that most of the parts are still made in foreign countries but the coffee maker was probably assembled here in America. Well if I helped keep even 20 people employed in America, I feel like it’s a small step in the right direction. Once again this coffee maker was assembled in Creston, Iowa.

Do you have a Made in America product recommendation that you’ve purchased in your household?

You should also try my favorite coffee! It happens to be an American Company! Torke is an American Coffee company located in Wisconsin.

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