How to Make Valentine’s Day a Family Celebration

February 1, 2012

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Once upon a time, before we had children, we celebrated Valentine’s Day like many other couples. We went out for a romantic dinner. Not necessarily over-the-top or fancy but definitely a night off from cooking, dirty dishes and cleaning. Even after baby MacGyver hit the scene, we managed to get a babysitter for the first couple of years. It was still a night out alone for Mommy and Daddy.

When MacGyver was about three-years-old, I decided we would surprise Daddy with a little at home Valentine’s Day celebration. MacGyver made Daddy a card and we decorated the table “fancy” with candles. A new family tradition was born. Every Valentine’s Day the kiddos and I “surprise” Daddy with a little celebration.

My motto is keep it simple and low-maintenance! I don’t buy special decorations at the store and we don’t go all hysterical making crafty-crap. We put a red table cloth on our dinning-room table. (The same table cloth that doubles as a Christmas Tree skirt during Christmas.) Then we grab stuff from around the house like candles and simple little tea lights and I turn the kiddos loose making decorations. MacGyver made this Valentine Heart garland when he was five. I left it up for almost a year! It was so cute I couldn’t bear to take it down!

Valentine’s Day is about friendship and love. These days we celebrate Valentine’s Day by celebrating our love for our little family.

Following are some of the Valentine ideas I’ve been collecting at Pinterest. We will not do all of these! But we’ll pick a few for our at family Valentine’s Day Party . . .

From Pebbles In My Pocket Blog: We created our version of this tag today. I taught the kiddos how to hand-stitch the heart. I’ll put the lesson together for you and share soon. The kids loved it!

From Urban Comfort Blog: We also adapted this cupcake liner card idea today. We incorporated it into the above lesson on stitching. Cute! I’ll put this together for you also.

From Little Wonders’ Days Blog: The kiddos will totally eat this up. I love that it is a healthy Valentine treat.

From tablespoon: Going to try a healthier version of these little pops. More fruit, less sugar.

Homemade Valentine Cards: Each year the kiddos make homemade cards for family and friends. And we always remember Grandma! These cards include an art lesson on shapes.

Easy Hot Cocoa Mix: We also like to make special treats to share with friends and family. This mix is also great as teacher gifts.

From Sun Hats & Wellie Boots Blog: This “Heart – Outdoor Nature Sculpture” definitely looks like something my children would create while playing outside. This sculpture might just greet Daddy outside.

You can find many more ideas on my Pinterest board . . .

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And of course we’ll read some great friendship books . . .


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Natalie February 3, 2012 at 6:48 pm

These are great ideas. We don’t celebrate Valentine out of principle – we believe in celebrating love by small gestures of kindness. I am still sad that I will be traveling and away from my family this Valentine Day.

Jackie February 6, 2012 at 2:22 pm

Great ideas! I hate going out with my husband ON Valentine’s Day because the restaurants are insanely crowded and we usually end up standing outside in the freezing cold. Soooo, I think we’ll just celebrate at home this year! I’ll definitely use some of your ideas. I love the cupcake wrappers! Hopefully we’ll get to have a date night sometime in Februrary, though.

Merelyn - Real Kid Friendly February 7, 2012 at 1:28 pm

I like these ideas! V Day has never been a big deal to DH & me but I like the idea of including all of the loves of my life into it.

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