How to Grow a Morning Glory Tepee with Children

March 6, 2012

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Ready Set Grow! by DK is one of the very best gardening project books for children I have found. We checked it out from our local library but I am very tempted to purchase our own copy. Both of the children have perused the pages of this book many times, pointing out the garden projects they’d like to tackle.

Yesterday, we began our first gardening project from the Ready Set Grow book. The children have been begging to construct and grow a morning glory tepee like the one featured in the book. I like how the book first list what “You Will Need” and then uses step by step pictures with directions to lead children through the projects. The projects are laid-out very similar to our Recipe Guides for Children.

We tweaked the directions a bit to suit our environment and the supplies we had on hand. Shadow was quick to join-in on the fun and make himself at home in the tepee! I’m so happy my children have a little “mutt-dog” with which to grow!


  • morning glory seeds (soaked overnight)
  • bean poles, branches or sticks
  • sand or rocks to mark circle
  • wire or twine

Step 1: Mark out a circle base

  • we used rocks to outline a circle
  • morning glories need full sun, we looked at several different areas of the yard before selecting our tepee site

Step 2: Make holes for the poles and build tepee

  • we collected branches and sticks from our yard
  • we used a metal stake and a rubber mallet to make holes for the sticks
  • MacGyver, designed our tepee, including a doggie door for Shadow

Step 3: Use twine or wire to secure poles and branches

Step 4: Plant morning glory seeds around poles

Step 5: Water seeds and keep moist during dry weather

Step 6: Wait for your morning glory tepee to grow and bloom!

  • MacGyver couldn’t stand the wait! He decorated the tepee with a large, blooming, vine branch from our yard.

If the deer in our neighborhood don’t eat our tepee, we’ll post update pictures when it blooms! There will be a lot of new mouths to feed this summer.

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Debi March 6, 2012 at 4:43 pm

Oh how I adore this idea! I’m thinking it would be a HUGE hit in our school garden. Thanks for sharing!

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