Inspiring Children to Garden: Field Trip

March 8, 2012

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Welcome to one of MacGyver’s favorite places in the whole wide world.

Hill Country Gardens

A little over a year ago owner, Andrea Sanger, bought this neglected garden nursery and began the hard work of bringing it back to life. MacGyver quickly made friends with Ms. Sanger and he considers a visit to her “Secret Gardens” a tremendous treat and adventure. Ms. Sanger is extremely kind and patient with the children, making it a wonderful field trip that stimulates much gardening inspiration!

Hill Country Gardens specializes in rare, drought-tolerant plants and hard-to-find Texas natives.

Hill Country Gardens Pond

When MacGyver passes through gates he begins his search for Ms. Sanger and then heads straight to her pond to begin his search for frogs, tadpoles, fish and lizards.

MacGyver would just move right in and live at Hill Country Gardens if we let him! We dream of having a pond like this in our backyard one day. For right now we are content with MacGyver’s Backyard Container Pond.

Tadpoles at the Hill Country Gardens Pond.

During our visit last week, we were lucky enough to observe tiny tadpoles emerging from their eggs. Very cool! MacGyver has some good eyes, spotting this frog spawn hiding among the plants in the pond.

Oma’s Farm Fresh Eggs at Hill Country Gardens

Miss Enigma left MacGyver behind at the pond and headed to Oma’s Farm Fresh Egg House. We were thrilled to purchase farm fresh eggs for our breakfast.

This garden area changes seasonally, with a giant pumpkin patch growing in the fall.

Break time at Hill Country Gardens

Ms. Sanger is sweet enough to stock Popsicles for the kiddos. Even a pink Popsicle and a pink chair, for a little girl wearing pink, carrying a pink poodle purse. What more could Miss Enigma ask for? Not much!!!

The garden paths at Hill Country Gardens

After the Popsicle break, it was time to investigate the garden paths. Here in the Texas Hill Country, we’re just beginning to head into spring. As the gardens begin to bloom they will be even more gorgeous.

“Time to move on from the big pond. Let’s see what we can find in one of the smaller ponds!”

Yes, MacGyver came with his own bucket! Ms. Sanger is such a good sport that she lets him take home the frogs and lizards he finds. I told you she is patient!

Lizards at Hill Country Gardens

MacGyver and the garden cats worked together catching lizards. MacGyver taught Ms. Sanger the difference between the male and the female lizard. It’s probably not what you’re thinking. It has something to do with the sack under the neck.

MacGyver and one of the lizards spent some “bonding” time getting to know each other better.

Propagation Classes at Hill Country Gardens

In the fall, MacGyver and I attended one of Ms. Sangers propagation classes. She taught us how to cut and propagate plants and provided a 72 cell flat. Then we were turned loose in her gardens. Our flat with cuttings was placed on the rooting tables under mist along side The Nurseries crops. We visited our cuttings throughout the winter and brought them home last week. Now we have a lot of planting to do! We better get busy.

The Natural Gardener, Austin, Texas

We have found local garden nurseries to be FREE fabulous field trips!

Wildseed Farm, Fredricksburg, Texas

Wildseed Farms Butterfly Haus, Fredricksburg, Texas: FREE printable Life Cycle Book

See you next week with a field trip to The Antique Rose Emporium, San Antonio, Texas

This week the children are sharing How to Grow a Morning Glory Tepee


We’re also Giving Away: Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert

Happy Planting!


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