How About a Visit to A Lion Farm in South Africa!

August 21, 2012

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Of course, here in South Texas we are familiar with farms. Farms with things like tractors, cows, horses, chickens  . . . lions . . .  Wait lions? . . .

South Africa Lion Farm

Toto, I have a feeling we aren’t in Texas anymore. We might not have lion farms here in South Texas but while in South Africa Alyssa had the unique opportunity to visit a lion farm.

South Africa Lion Farm

The Lion Farm is a refuge for rescued lions. Just look at that adorable face?

South Africa Lion Farm

Now that’s not something you see every day. Simply amazing.

South Africa Lion Farm

Just imagine an up close and personal encounter with a lion cub.

South Africa Lion Farm

So how do you play with a lion cub? Very carefully. Alyssa describes the lion cubs as giant naughty kittens that like to pounce, wrestle and bite. You know just like your average, playful, house kitten. Just add big claws and teeth!

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Surreal is Alyssa’s one word description of her Lion Farm experience.

The Door of Hope South Africa

I can only imagine. Much of my trip visiting Alyssa and The Door of Hope in South Africa can be summed up as surreal.

What is your surreal experience?

Life with Joyce

In honor of the Lion Farm, our Book of the Week GIVEAWAY is Lion’s Lunch? by Fiona Tierney

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