Whimsical Christmas Light Display

December 7, 2012

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NO, this does NOT say Whimsy . . .

Our waddlee-ah-chaa philosophy says it all . . . I like to keep life simple! When it comes to Christmas lights I like white, tiny lights that sparkle like snow. Not too many but just enough to say, “Yes, we know it’s Christmas and yes we decorate (but not too much and not too gaudy).”

Whimsical Christmas Lights Display

Well, there is a house in our neighborhood that reminds me each year that I am just plain boring when it comes to Christmas decor . . .

Whimsical Christmas Lights Display

As I drive up to the corner I see the lights sparkling at me, saying “Hey, look at me. I’m fun and festive! I’m down right full of Christmas whimsy!”

Whimsical Christmas Lights Display

Then I turn the corner admiring the lovely, haphazard maze of vibrant colors. Every Christmas, I wait with anticipate for these pixyish strings of lights. They joyfully announce the arrival of the Christmas season.

Whimsical Christmas Lights Display

One of these nights, I’m afraid my neighbors will find me skipping through these lights. Tell me those lights don’t beckon, “Come a little closer a magical adventure awaits you.”

I so want to steal this idea of a totally whimsical light display. I have two problems. First, I’m thinking my neighbors wouldn’t appreciate having a total copy-cat right in the neighborhood. My second problem is we don’t have trees like these in my front yard. However, I am tempted to string lights through the trees in my backyard. I’m thinking this would make a FUN birthday party!

So forget about my simple side, I’m thinking I would love for my backyard to look like this all year long. I’m in love with this childlike fantasy land.

So do you decorate? Are you more on the simple side or do you go way out Griswold style?

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