Art Display Shelf for Kids

January 16, 2013

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Yes, My House is one big advertisement for IKEA!

I don’t purchase artwork for my kiddos’ rooms. Why would I? My children make the most beautiful artwork and it is certainly frame worthy! After all I am their Mommy. Everything they do is cute. (Well almost everything!*%#*!)

Art Display Shelf for Kids

My children are prolific artists and we have quite a few display areas throughout their through rooms.  This simple picture ledge from IKEA displays Miss Enigma’s artwork in inexpensive IKEA frames. The ledge also makes a special place for Miss Enigma to display her little mouse Mommy brought back from her first trip to Cambodia.

  • I like how the artwork shows many different mediums.
  • Above we see both watercolor and a sweet marker illustration of our family, including our dog Shadow.

Art Display Shelf for Kids

  • A large frame showcases a recent winter collage with paper and lace.
  • To the left is a vibrant pastel abstract.
  • I like how easily the artwork can be changed out as new art is created.
  • A  little doll from Aunt Jennifer also finds a spot on the ledge.
  • Aunt Jennifer sewed matching dresses for Miss Enigma and her doll. A special keepsake.

Art Display Shelf for Kids

Miss Enigma has a looooong bedroom. To make the most of the room her set of antique twin beds sit toe to toe.

Art Display Shelf for Kids

Her art shelves act as whimsical bookends to her beds.

  • We hung the photo ledges a bit high so Miss Enigma wouldn’t bump her head.

Kids framed art gallery

Kids Art Gallery

  • Twist on the Art Shelf in MacGyver’s Room

Art Display Shelf for Kids

Tidy Drilling Tip

  • When My Man of Steal hangs all of my stuff he makes a neat little envelope out of paper and staples.
  • When he drills the mess falls into the pocket.
  • Not one bit of mess for me to clean-up off the bed or floor!
  • No Mess!!!
  • I’m a lucky girl that way! Jealous? He hangs and doesn’t make a mess! Yes, he’s a good handyman.

IKEA RIBBA picture ledgeIKEA RIBBA Picture Ledge

  • length 45″ (assorted sizes available)
  • $14.99

IKEA Nyttja picture frame


  • 8 1/2 x 11 paper size (assorted sizes available)
  • $1.99

 Life with Jeannine

How do you displays your kiddo’s art?

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Ellie January 18, 2013 at 1:44 pm

Miss Enigma sure is one talented artist! It’s wonderful how you are encouraging her talent, creativity, and self-esteem and also making a place to continuously showcase here best works. I love this!

Jeannine January 18, 2013 at 4:08 pm

Children are natural artists and are eager to create! I wish for all children the encouragement to express themselves through the creative arts!

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