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January 29, 2013

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What a difference a year makes! Last year right around this same time, Joyce and I were crying our eyes out saying goodbye to Alyssa at the airport. Of course we did NOT bother wearing mascara! We knew putting her on an airplane bound for the Door of Hope in South Africa would produce a stream of water works. I actually did uncharacteristically well. Joyce, uuummmm . . . that’s another story. Once your baby, always your baby, regardless of age. (We rarely post photos of ourselves. This straight out of bed in the morning photo is such a treat.)

I started by saying a year makes a difference. Yes, we are once again preparing for Alyssa’s volunteer work at the Door of Hope. The difference is we all know this is her calling. We all know that she will be safe and happy while in South Africa. And yet, some things stay the same. We won’t bother wearing mascara when we head to the airport again this year.

Hand print bibs

Alyssa graciously spoke to the children at our church about her time at the Door of Hope and the devotion she has for the babies for which she cared. ( I say graciously because Alyssa does not do public speaking!)

After she shared adorable photos of the babies, our Children’s Church made hand print bibs for the babies at The Door of Hope. All of the children got to select their own design.

Hand print bibs

Miss Enigma made a cheery orange fish and of course MacGyver had to make-up his very own design, a happy yellow butterfly.

Hand print bibs

A flower blooming with finger petals and a finger print stem.

Hand print bibs

This hand print sun just makes me smile! Good morning sunshine!

Hand print bibs

Sweet, sweet, tiny hand print heart.

Yes, my heart feels a little twinge and my eyes feel to the brim when I think of saying goodbye to Alyssa . . .

Alyssa The Door of Hope

But then my heart fills with a smile, knowing that a little hand just like this will soon be wearing the little hand print heart made by a child here in South Texas.

It’s a big, big, small world! What more can we want for the world than a bunch of little hands here in America praying for a bunch of little hands in South Africa? There is Hope . . .

You can follow Alyssa’s Big Huge Life Change from the beginning.

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Keri February 1, 2013 at 1:33 am

That is so true~> ” Once your baby, always your baby, regardless of age.” Even though they grow up, they always stay babies in your heart <3
I also love those bibs! What A cute idea. I wish I would have thought of it when mine were still little.
This is a Great Blog! Please feel free to come check mine out too!


Lorie April 4, 2013 at 7:39 am

Those are adorable! The sun is my very favorite.

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