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January 31, 2013

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Magformers Magnetic Building Construction Set – 62 Piece Extreme FX Set

While I was volunteering in Cambodia last summer, the kiddos had a play day at a friend’s house. When I returned from Cambodia, the kiddos were borrowing a set of Magna-Tiles from our little friend. Our Man of Steel, who never pays much attention to toys, informed me, “We need to get a set of those magnet blocks because both kids have been playing with them nonstop.”

Since Magna-Tiles are a bit pricey, I tucked that suggestion away for Christmas. After much research, Santa gifted the children a set of Magformers Magnetic Building Construction Set – 62 Piece Extreme FX Set. The children have been building like crazy and are already saving up for another set.

Connect Flat Shapes to Build 3-D Objects!

 The set comes with an Idea Booklet to get the kiddos started.

Magformer Toy Review

Connect Shapes on a Flat Surface

Magformer Toy Review

Pull from the top . . .

Magformer Toy Review

Pull . . .

Magformer Toy Review

Ta-dah . . .

Magformer Toy Review

A 3-D House

Magformers Freestyle Creations

Magformer Toy Review

Three story house with a pool.

I’m considering moving in! I want to take a swim in that flower pool!

Magformer Toy Review

A Police Action Boat

Magformer Toy Review

An Exoskeleton Robot . . .

Magformer Toy Review

With a control seat for the Lego man driver.

Magformer Toy Review

An Ocean Safe Zone . . .

Magformer Toy Review

With a dolphin submarine that connects and disconnects from the “Safe Zone.”

Want to take a ride?

Magformer Toy Review

10 Things We Like about Magformers:

  1. gender neutral
  2. wide age range
  3. the shapes always connect
  4. magnets are completely encapsulated in the plastic
  5. durable
  6. encourages imaginative play
  7. promotes problem solving when planning and building
  8. teaches how to follow simple directions
  9. geometric learning
  10. NO batteries!

Things to Consider:

  • Purchase a larger set as 30 pieces really limits building and sharing.
  • Purchase a set with pentagons. It opens the door to more building options.
  • The best set for the money I found was Magformers Magnetic Building Construction Set – 62 Piece Extreme FX Set.
  • My children are now saving for the Transform Set or the Power Construction Set because of the unique attachment pieces.

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