DIY Colorful Birdhouse Display

February 26, 2013

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My children are totally and completely in love with Hill Country Gardens, a local native plant nursery. They have adopted the owner, Andrea Sanger, as one of their best friends. When I say, “Let’s go¬† to Hill Country Gardens” a loud cheer erupts, accompanied by fist pumping. Andrea has created a Secret Garden and the kiddos would absolutely move in if I would let them!

I enjoy visiting Hill Country Gardens for inspiration. Every time we stop by, Andrea has tackled a new project. I never know what I’m going to find . . .

DIY Colorful Bird Houses

Colorful Birdhouse Display

I’ve had my eye on this display for a while now. As you drive along the road up to Hill Country Gardens, a delightful display of cheerful birdhouses decorate the fence. An otherwise brown, gray fence has come to life with color. It is extremely eye catching. This is just one section. The birdhouses adorn the length of the fence.

DIY Colorful Bird Houses

This bright turquoise is my favorite! That re-purposed junk perch is calling my name. We have a garage full of this kind of junk treasure. MacGyver will go wild re-purposing our junk treasures for the little birdies!

DIY Colorful Bird Houses

I have a very asymmetrical personality. (Whatever that says about me. ) So I’m totally digging the haphazard pattern, shapes and colors . . .

Big ones, Little ones . . .

DIY Colorful Bird Houses

Tall ones, Short ones, Skinny ones . . . Even crooked ones!

Pink ones . . .

DIY Colorful Bird Houses

Purple ones, Sunshine yellow ones . . .

DIY Colorful Bird Houses

Dream Sickle Orange ones . . . Margarita Lime Ones . . .

DIY Colorful Bird Houses

These birdhouse are so on my to do garden list. I have a boring, long wall along my garage that is begging me, “Color, color, little birdie houses¬† please!”

The kiddos and I are going to have a blast painting our birdie town! Such an easy DIY project for kids.

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