Backyard Sandbox: Easy DIY Project

April 10, 2013

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One of Miss Enigma’s favorite past times is  digging in the dirt. Last year for her birthday, I suggested Grandpa make her a sandbox. It has been the best birthday gift ever. She has played in it almost every day for two years.

Sandbox: Easy DIY project

During our family Easter, I noticed all of the kids where playing in the sandbox, from the youngest to the oldest. Don’t let the picture fool you, the biggest kiddo was right in there too, building a fort. I  just caught him on break in this picture.

Sandbox: Easy DIY project

What’s sandbox play without a little sand in the hair? Or a lot of sand in the hair? Couldn’t resist this picture. He just kept quietly putting piles of sand in his hair. It’s  such fun watching kids be kids.

Since Grandpa’s sandbox continues to be a hit with all of the kids that visit our home, I thought I should share the simple DIY project. It is an easy weekend project.

 DIY Square Foot Sandbox

Our square foot garden in May.

I wanted Miss Enigma’s sandbox to match the square foot gardens that line our backyard sidewalk. My father helped me build my square foot gardens so putting together a sandbox was quite easy.

cut the wood for our square foot garden

Step 1: Cut four, 4ft – 2 x 8 boards. My father can make ANYTHING; however, Home Depot offered to cut the wood for him. Having someone else do it is always the easiest! You don’t need a saw, the home improvement store will cut it for you! (photo by MacGyver, age 6)

assemble square foot garden with screws

Step 2: Assemble boards with screws. (photo by MacGyver, age 6)

making a square foot garden

apply linseed oil to square foot garden

Step 3: Protect boards with linseed oil. (photo by MacGyver)

Sandbox: Easy DIY project

Step 4: Fill with play sand and dig in!


Square Foot Gardening

If you are thinking about creating your own square foot garden, you might be interested in my post with step by step directions and photos, including the recommended soil mixture.

Step 4: Mix the dirt for the square foot garden

I would highly recommend a square foot gardening project with your children. If you have limited space or are in a school setting it is perfect! If you have a big back yard like us, it is wonderful because you can section off little gardening areas.

Happy Digging and Happy Sand Castles!

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Do you have a little sand digger?

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