Gardening with Children

April 23, 2013

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The summer after the children and I built and planted our DIY square foot gardens, I heard two  little voices summoning me to the backyard, “Mommy, Mommy, look what we made!”

Gardening with Children

The children were busy creating a square foot garden of their very own.

Gardening with Children

Without any promoting or help from me the children had collected branches from our yard and assembled them into a rugged square foot garden. They also informed me that they had filled it with GOOD dirt from our compost pile.

Gardening with Children

They had collected little plants from around our yard and were gently planting them in their GOOD compost soil.

Gardening with Children

Their in-prompt-to square foot garden has come a long way. This spring MacGyver decided he wanted his square foot garden to be an official butterfly garden.

The little, white fenced-off area in the background is a caterpillar farm. More on that next week!

Flight of the Butterflies IMAX movie

After seeing the IMAX movie Flight of the Butterflies, MacGyver rushed out to purchase a Tropical Milkweed plant. One fact we learned during the movie is that monarchs only lay their eggs on the Milkweed plant. We’ve spotted a few monarchs. MacGyver diligently, inspects his milkweed for eggs. Keeping our fingers crossed!

Gardening with Children

Beneath the milkweed, he planted Blue Mist. Another plant loved by butterflies. It’s just beginning to bloom. Back off deer!

Gardening with Children

MacGyver transplanted Henry Duelberg Sage from our square foot garden and Purple Horsemint from Grandma’s yard. What’s better to a gardener than free plants? (If you want a sage that will multiply try Henry Duelberg Sage. I bought one little plant that grew and grew and grew. I’ve transplanted it all around my yard. Whoo-hoo it’s even deer resistant.

Gardening with Children

MacGyver finished his butterfly garden out with Fennel, Dill and Parsley. All plants that caterpillars love for breakfast, lunch and dinner!

How to plant and grow seeds: spouts

Children and ideas are like little seeds. Plant them, nurture them and watch them grow and blossom!

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