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August 23, 2013

FREE printables for back to school lessons and organization from

Lola & Tiva: Reading Respone

Print this paper FREE: Reading Response Paper (kinder – 1st grade)
Print this paper FREE: Reading Response Paper (1st-3rd grade)

Original Post: 5 Step-by-Step Lesson for Starting Reading Response Journals


plant digram second gradePrint this paper FREE: Journal Paper

Original Post: 10 Easy Steps to Introduce Journal Writing


Print this guide FREE:letter sound guide

Print this guide FREE: letter formation guide

Original Post: Now I Know My ABC’s


Print this guide FREE: Number Concept Guide

Print this guide FREE: Number Formation Guide

Original Post: Number Recognition for Preschool


Calendar Activities: FREE printablePrint this calendar FREE: Blank Reusable Monthly Calendar

Original Post: Calendar Activities for Children


morning jobs 2011

Print these Cards FREE: My Morning Jobs Cards

Original Post: Back to School with Morning Jobs


Nighttime Job FREE printable cards

Print these Cards FREE: My Nighttime Jobs

Original Post: Helping Children Transition Back to School


Little Helping Hands: FREE printable cards

Print these cards FREE: Helping Hands Chore Cards

Original Post: Little Helping Hands, Math, Sorting, Learning


Reward Punch Card: FREE printable

Print this punch card FREE: Reward Punch Card

Original Post: 5 Steps to Get Your Children to Do Their Chores


homeschool store money

Print this homeschool money FREE: Homeschool Money

Original Post: Positive Reinforcement for Children at home and in the classroom


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