Snowflakes Tutorial, Art & Crafts and FREE Printables: Book of the Week GIVEAWAY

December 3, 2013

Snowflakes Tutorial, Art & Crafts and FREE Printables from

Week at a Glance

  • Book of the Week GIVEAWAY: Ken Libbrecht’s Field Guide to Snowflakes
  • Tutorial “The Right Way to Make a Paper Snowflake”
  • Ten Little Snowflakes Song Adaptation and FREE printable book
  • Snowflake arts and crafts
  • Disney’s Frozen – Movie Review

snowflake field guide Book GIVEAWAY

Book of the Week GIVEAWAY: Ken Libbrecht’s Field Guide to Snowflakes

Why we love this book:

Books under the Christmas Tree are a must! Ken Libbrecht’s science books about snowflakes feature some of the most amazing and beautiful photos we’ve ever seen. Kenneth Libbrecht, the author, is a scientist who studies and photographs snowflakes under a microscope. The photos are nothing less than spectacular.

The Secret Life of a Snowflake

Last Year, I featured Libbrecht’s spectacular book  The Secret Life of a Snowflake.From this book, we learned that all snowflakes begin as a tiny hexagon. As the snowflake grows the corners of the hexagon grow a bit faster than the sides. Did you know that ALL snowflakes have six branches, never four, five, seven or eight? Always six! If you are looking for a Christmas Gift, I definitely recommend The Secret Life of a Snowflake. It would even make an excellent coffee table book for the grown-ups on your Christmas List.

snowflake field guide Book GIVEAWAY

This year’s snowflake GIVEAWAY is written in the format of a field guide. This field guide version is appropriate for more advanced readers. The book is packed with information about how crystals and snowflakes are made.The information and photos included are mind blowing! I always knew snowflakes were uniquely beautiful. Now I know how and why. While the text is a bit more difficult, younger children will be intrigued by the intricate photos taken with a microscope.

How to make a paper snowflake

How to Make a Paper Snowflake Tutorial

How to make a paper snowflake

The Correct Way to Cut a Paper Snowflake

  • Learn how to fold and cut paper snowflakes with six branches.
  • Step-by-step tutorial with photos.

Counting Snowflakes

Song Adaptation and FREE printable book

Counting Snowflakes: FREE printable book

Song Adaptation: Ten Little Snowflakes and FREE printable book

 One little, two little, three little snowflakes.

Four little, five little, six little snowflakes.

Seven little, eight little, nine little snowflakes,

Ten little snowflakes falling from the sky.

Counting Snowflakes: FREE printable book

Print this FREE book: Counting Snowflakes

  • Pattern text for reading and blank pages for counting and illustrating.


Print these FREE counters: Ten Little Snowflakes

  • Cut apart counters for storytelling, illustrating and counting.

Snowflakes Arts & Crafts

Snowflake Arts & Crafts for Kids from

Stitched Snowflakes from

  • I’m always on the lookout for simple projects that teach the kiddos how to stitch and sew on buttons.
  • We are going to give these designs a try on small pieces of felt.
  • We will display them as ornaments on our tree and give as gifts.

Snowflake Arts & Crafts for Kids from

Invisible watercolor snowflakes from

  • Easy and beautiful painting project for the wee-ones out there.

Snowflake Arts & Crafts for Kids from Red Ted Art

Button Snowflake Craft from

  • Excellent fine-motor-skill development for the little ones.
  • I like these simple button snowflakes because they feature six branches just like real snowflakes. The buttons represent crystals growing upon one another.

Snowflake Arts & Crafts for Kids from Red Ted Art

 Puzzle Pieces Snowflake Craft from

  • A nice way to reuse outgrown puzzle pieces.
  • Again, I like these snowflakes because they feature 6 branches just like real snowflakes.

Bird Collage Art by Kids

Winter Snow Lace Collage Art by Miss Enigma and MacGyver

  • step-by-step directions with photos
  • FREE printable book and bird counters

Disney’s Frozen

Disney's Frozen movie 2013

Movie Review

We don’t venture out to the theaters much, but after hearing rave reviews about Disney’s new animated movie Frozen we decided to take a family outing to the movies. Throughout the movie, I kept thinking about this post on snowflakes. Wow, this ties in perfect with a study on snowflakes. I was pleasantly surprised to see realistic snowflakes with six branches. Somebody did their research and perhaps even consulted Ken Libbrecht.

Know Before You Go

  • The movie is stunningly beautiful! The snow and ice are gorgeous!
  • There is a lot of singing! A lot of beautiful, wonderful, entertaining singing!
  • The music is so good that I felt like I had just watched a Broadway production. It’s amazing!
  • There is one mildly scary part with a giant snow creature.
  • This is a fairy tale, not my favorite genre.
  • I like how Elsa is not made into an evil Snow Queen.
  • The love between sisters is quite touching.
  • I really like the un- fairy-tale twist at the end.
  • Did I mention that the singing is outstanding?!
  • Oh, and the kiddos enjoyed it as well. In fact, they loved it.
  • Oh, and Daddy thought, “There was a lot of singing. The singing was better than usual but there was a lot of it.”

snowflake field guide Book GIVEAWAY

We’re GIVING AWAY one copy of Ken Libbrecht’s Field Guide to Snowflakes

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What is your favorite holiday movie?  (Or just say “Hey.” We’re flexible around here.)

The Rules:

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The winner will be selected at random and announced Monday, December 9, 2013. Check back to claim your prize. It might be you!

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Tara H December 3, 2013 at 10:17 pm

I love the Tim Allen Santa Clause movies. :)

michelle h December 3, 2013 at 11:02 pm

It’s cheesy, but I love one called Boyfriend For Christmas off of one of the cable channels.

Chris December 4, 2013 at 1:06 pm

My favorite is White Christmas

elizabeth708 December 4, 2013 at 5:10 pm

LOL! Love Daddy’s comment about the movie. I can see that coming from him. Love the snowflakes!!!

Dianne December 4, 2013 at 8:27 pm

I love “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

Jeannine December 5, 2013 at 7:37 am

I do love “It’s a Wonderful Life.”

tammy cordery December 6, 2013 at 12:28 pm

a Christmas story I watch it all day

Jeannine December 6, 2013 at 2:59 pm

Tammy, my father in-law loved A Christmas Story. Thanks for the good memory.

Anna@The Measured Mom December 7, 2013 at 5:48 am

Love this giant round up of snowflake ideas! Thanks for linking up.

Veens @ Our Ordinary Life December 9, 2013 at 1:35 pm

We went to see the movie too and yes the Daddy thought that there was a lot of singing too! I really loved the end, finally! And yes it is a GORGEOUS movie, ohh the snowflakes! And I love the part – where they show the older sister feeling liberated – so true :)

And I LOVE this post, Aarya LOVES snowflakes, snow , snowman ( alll things he has never seen), so I am going to try some of these with him :)

Jeannine December 10, 2013 at 12:26 pm

Yes, my kiddos have only seen snow once (and it was not fluffy, soft snow). We dream of snow as we enjoy our snowflake creations.

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