Valentine’s Day: Celebrating a Day of Love

February 12, 2014

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Once upon a time, I celebrated Valentine’s Day with a romantic evening. Well, well, well my children have totally co-opted Valentine’s Day. And I love it. They’ve been counting down the days and planning away for our family Valentines Celebration. Valentine’s Day has become a day truly focused on the ones we love. And the children can not wait to surprise Daddy with their annual Valentine’s Day Party.

Homemade Valentine Cards

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February always begins with the children making Handmade Valentines.

We dropped those in the mail on Monday for family and friends. Check – that’s one thing off of our Valentine’s list.

Valentines Breakfast Surprise

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Heart Shaped Pancakes

Don’t tell my children but my heart shaped pancakes are supper dupper easy to make! No special pan. No special mold. Just little ol’ me. But when I surprise the kiddos with heart shaped pancakes they deem me mother-of-the-year.

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Heart Shaped Strawberries

I cannot take credit for the Heart shaped strawberries. Of course that credit goes to MacGyver, also known as Edward Scissor Hands. Last Valentine’s Day, he started cutting our breakfast strawberries into hearts. I took a picture because they are darn cute.

Special Delivery for Grandma!

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Valentine’s Day Flowers

Another annual Valentine’s Day tradition for the kiddos is planting pretty flowers for their Grandma’s (and their adopted Grandma that lives next door).

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We love you Grandma!

Planning a Valentine’s Day Party

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First Course Antipasto Caprese Salad

Valentine’s Day we head to the grocery store to grab some items for a Valentine’s dinner party that’s kid friendly and easy. The kiddos love antipasto because they get to select what they eat.

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Antipasto Meat & Cheese Plate

The children adore mozzarella cheese. That’s always one of their selections.

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Antipasto Olives Selection

I like doing the antipasto menu because the children can easily help prepare the dishes and trays. (Remember my middle name is low-maintenance.) The kiddos think it is something really special.

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Fruit and Cream Parfaits

The kiddos can easily whip, cut and layer all of the ingredients.

*vanilla pudding * fresh berries * homemade whipped cream * pistachios & chocolate topping

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Homemade Fruit Punch in Sugar Rimmed Glasses

Aren’t we fancy? The kiddos think they are way special drinking fancy punch out of fancy sugar rimmed glasses.

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Valentine Table Decorations

The children are in charge of the decorations. They pull out the red tablecloth that doubles as our Christmas tree skirt and scatter Valentine candy around the table. MacGyver dreamed up the idea of cutting the napkins into the shape of hearts. But their favorite part by far are the candles. They think it is supper cool to eat by candlelight.

Surprise! We love you!

Then they sit by the window and wait for Daddy. Their excitement builds. And then . . . SURPRISE!

Each and every year, Daddy is touched by all of their little expressions of love for our family.

Each and every year, I count my blessings. I am one lucky gal with one sweet little family.

How do you Celebrate Valentine’s Day?

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