10 Favorite Mother’s Day Gifts and Activities

May 1, 2014

10 Favorite Mother's Day Gifts and Activities from waddleeahchaa.com

Update – Now there are 11 Mother’s Day Gifts and Activities!

Mother's Day Terrariums from waddleeahchaa.com

Easy Mother’s Day Terrariums from waddleeahchaa.com

  • fun and easy project for children
  • a gift that will continue to grow and bring joy throughout the year
  • step-by-step directions with photos

Mommy & Me Journal

Mommy & Me Journal from waddleeahchaa.com

  • This Mother’s Day give yourself a gift!
  • I have a Mommy & Me Journal with both of my kiddos. We write notes back and forth to each other.
  • I know these journals will forever be a special keepsake.
  • step-by-step directions with photos
  • Featured Mother’s Day Book: Big Hugs, Little Hugs by Felicia Bond

DIY Hand Print Canvases

DIY Mother’s Day Hand Print Canvases Made by Children from waddleeahchaa.com

  • We made these Hand Print Canvases for Grandma last Mother’s Day.
  • The kiddos wanted to add background color but you could leave the canvas white for a more subtle look.
  • step by step directions with photos and samples
  • professional looking DIY gift by kids
  • Featured Mother’s Day Book: Hug by Jez Alborough

The Kissing Hand

 The Kissing Hand Mother’s Day Card from waddleeahchaa.com

  • unique folding hand print card
  • step by step directions with photos and samples
  • Featured Mother’s Day Book: The Kissing Hand by Audrey Penn

Mother's Day craft from agaagg

Easy Fingerprint Pendants and Keychains from a girl and a glue gun

  • We are going to put our own spin on these this year! LOVE them!
  • step-by-step directions with photos and samples
  • but wait she has more ideas . . . put a twist on this . . . bling . . . bling . . .

Mother's Day craft from agaagg

Silver Fingerprint Bracelets from a girl and a glue gun

  • step-by-step directions with photos and samples

Mother's Day Clay Tags

White Stamped Clay Tags from Beach House Living

  • beautifully simple
  • stamp with names or special messages
  • an abundance of ideas and samples

Mother's Day Cards

Handmade Cards from ertoris.blogspot.co.uk

  • simple and yet so cute
  • easy for kids to sew on buttons and doodle

Handmade Mother's Day Cards

Homemade Mother’s Day Collage Cards

  • step by step collage directions and samples with pictures
  • Featured Mother’s Day Book: Does A Kangaroo Have A Mother , Too?

Mother's Day child interview

Mother’s Day Portraits

  • samples of Mommy Portraits and Children’s Conversations about Mommy

Valentines Cards by waddleeahchaa.com

Hand-Stitched Cards and Bookmarks from waddleeahchaa.com

  • step by step directions with photos and samples
  • The kiddos actually made these beautiful hand-stitched felt cards for Valentine’s Day this year.
  • These can easily be adapted to Mother’s Day Cards or Book Marks.
  • Hearts are nice but flowers would make a nice card for Mother’s Day.
  • This post includes additional handmade card ideas.

Mother's Day

Happy Mother’s Day to my Mama!

Yep, we say Mama in the South.

How my tiny Mama lugged around that big fat baby I’ll never know.

Thankfully my children didn’t inherit my double chin!

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Tiffany May 7, 2014 at 9:23 am

Mama aka Grandma was building up her muscles for Amanda and my arrivals. ;)

Jeannine May 7, 2014 at 10:36 am

No, Grandma’s muscles can’t handle your arrivals!

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