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Beachfront Bargain DIY Makeover from room to room from Island Princess 215, Okaloosa Island, Florida

Okay, this week’s HGTV Beach Flip room project was interesting. The room challenge was to create a Bonus Room / Den / Office / Extra Sleeping Space. Wow, that is a tall order to fill. Especially, in a small beach house sized room. As usual, some of the rooms were really lovely; however, they all […]

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Beachfront Bargain DIY renovation from Island Princess 215

We’ve been on our own Beachfront Bargain Hunt for about 10 years now. While vacationing along the Alabama – Florida Gulf Coast for 20 years, we began dreaming of our own Beachfront Bargain. At first it was really just a dream and slowly, within the last few years, our dream became a bit more serious. Our […]


Beach Cottage Renovation on a Budget from Island Princess 215

This week on HGTV Beach Flip, the couples moved into their living rooms for some big redesigns. At the moment, it looks like team Martha & Alex with their relaxed white on white beach style are the ones to beat. I especially like their white shiplap walls and the addition of wood beams. However, as […]


Beach Bargain DIY Budget Kitchen Refresh from Island Princess 215

Are you watching the HGTV Beach Flip Series? This week, I’m continuing to play along with our own beach bargain renovation. Last Sunday, the Beach Flip couples ripped out their kitchens and did complete remodels. There were little bits and pieces I loved from each kitchen update (Especially the boat cleats as cabinet knobs. Working […]


Real Life Beach Flip on a Budget from the Island Princess 215

 Welcome to our Beach Cottage Reno Sunday night, we watched the first episode of Beach Flip the HGTV series. (When I say we, I mean everyone in my family was forced to watch the first episode because I was in control of the TV viewing Sunday night.) I’ve been waiting for this series with great anticipation because I’m totally […]


Build A Water Fountain and Pond in Weekend - from

I’ve Fallen in Love with a Water Fountain! You know you’ve found true love when He skips all of the fluff gifts and gives you something He knows you really want. On Valentine’s Day, My Man of Steel walked into the house with a bouquet of grocery store flowers. (He knows I love flowers but […]


DIY Backyard Makeover: The Garden Shelf Project from

DIY Backyard Makeover: The Garden Shelf Project Apparently, I have relaxation issues. If I’m not tackling a project, I manage to quickly find one. Often no need for planning. I just dive right in. When we wrangled MacGyver’s recycled project chest out of our shed for his backyard science center, I also noticed a forgotten […]


DIY Backyard Landscape Makeover: The Rose Arbor Project from

Spring Is In the Air – Let the Gardening Begin – At least That’s What I’m Telling Myself We’ve experienced an unusually cold and dreary winter here in the South Texas Hill Country. Spring continues to be such a tease with another blast of cold weather heaving itself upon us on Sunday. (I know if […]


Post image for Backyard Sandbox: Easy DIY Project

One of Miss Enigma’s favorite past times is  digging in the dirt. Last year for her birthday, I suggested Grandpa make her a sandbox. It has been the best birthday gift ever. She has played in it almost every day for two years. During our family Easter, I noticed all of the kids where playing […]


Framed Art Gallery for Kids

January 24, 2013

Post image for Framed Art Gallery for Kids

Do your children create a never ending stream of artwork? Mine do! And when I say never ending, I mean day after day art, art, art! “This one is for you Mommy! This one’s for Daddy! Do you like the way I drew this? Do you like the way I painted that? Do you like […]


Art Display Shelf for Kids

January 16, 2013

Post image for Art Display Shelf for Kids

Yes, My House is one big advertisement for IKEA! I don’t purchase artwork for my kiddos’ rooms. Why would I? My children make the most beautiful artwork and it is certainly frame worthy! After all I am their Mommy. Everything they do is cute. (Well almost everything!*%#*!) My children are prolific artists and we have […]


Easy, Inexpensive DIY Trellis Project from

Trellis – Courtyard Update When you first do a landscaping project, the pictures are sadly unimpressive because it really takes a few years for the plants grow and flourish. This spring we have thoroughly been enjoying our backyard and our little courtyard area. While dinning outside last night, I realized it was time for an update on […]


Post image for Quick and Easy Coat Hooks for Kids Room

Do Command Strips Work? Yes, Command Strips Work. And they’re quick and easy! It’s no longer reaching temperatures over the century mark here in South Texas, so we’ve declared it officially Fall. Now you must understand that temperatures in the 80’s and low 90’s qualify as fall weather in our neck of the woods. Don’t […]


Post image for Inexpensive Organization for a Child’s Room

It’s that time of year . . . when we pack-up all of the Christmas decor and . . . sigh . . . and dream of a new year in which everything is organized and in it’s place. Our family has actually been living an organizational saga (also known as an organizational nightmare). About […]


Post image for My Never Ending HGTV Episode is Out of Control

It’s a literal mad house around here! Right this VERY minute I’m deciding framed or unframed shower glass. Heck it’s only a $1000.00 difference! (Guess which one my Man of Steel picked.) Which will it be, quartz counter top or satin tempered glass counter top? The decision must be made right now to finish on […]


Post image for Kid’s Bathroom Remodel: Before & After Photos

Before Photo! When we purchased our little home built in 1952, we knew we were going to remodel everything inside and out, from top to bottom, room by room. The first DIY project we tackled was the kid’s teeny-tiny bathroom. The only thing you can’t see in this before photo is the bathtub to the […]


Post image for 10 Tips on How to Live Through a Home Remodel

These are just a FEW of the lessons this Home Remodel Project is teaching Me! 1. Be Patient: Before we bought our little two bedroom home we met with three contractors and began drawing-up plans for gutting the kitchen and adding-on a new master bedroom/bathroom. The first 6 months after moving in we tackled our […]


Post image for Demolition Man: Renovation Style

Our current master bath / laundry room combo (Yes, a master bath / laundry room combo!) . . . is on it’s way out! Hooray! Saturday, MacGyver became our demolition man. He did most of the demolition himself, with Daddy talking him through the process and teaching him how to use all of the tools […]


Post image for We’ve Left Our Mark on This 1952 House

It’s official; our family will always be a part of this house first built in 1952. Oh my gosh, the concrete truck is bigger than my house! Now you know why we needed to add-on! My never ending HGTV episode continues . . . I didn’t think pouring a slab could be so entertaining. It […]


Post image for Cutest Construction Man Portrait EVER!

The children are constant observers of our little home remodeling construction project. MacGyver is recording our construction progress in his journal. journal entry, second grade, age 7 On Friday, he and Miss Engima grabbed their journals and parked themselves by the backdoor, taking in all of the action. MacGyver is all about the facts! journal […]


Post image for I’m Living a Never Ending HGTV Episode

Welcome to our home! Just look for the house with the magenta door. A little over two years ago we moved into a home built in 1952. Here is MacGyver breaking in the backyard on move-in day. It has some hardwood floors and an enormous back yard. That’s about where the charm ends. But in […]