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Pocket Frog Cupcake Toppers: FREE printable from

Last week, MacGyver celebrated his 11th birthday at his annual river party! Moms how does this happen? How do our babies grow-up so fast and how can we stop it? I know, I know, I have to let him grow-up. But why? Really, tell me why! Okay, now that I’m over that emotional distress, let’s […]


Apple Banana Mini Muffins: FREE printable recipe from

Olive oil . . . honey . . . whole wheat . . . Sounds like ingredients for scrumptious muffins, right? Don’t let these totally healthy banana muffins scare you away because they are shockingly delicious. But shhhhh, don’t tell anyone! It never fails, when we serve our banana muffin bites to guests they gush, […]


Kids Cooking Simple Snowflake Cookies from

Alrighty then, I’m not posting our snowflake cookies because I think they might win us a spot on Sweet Genius. (Is that show still on?) I’m sharing our giant snowflake cookies because they have everything to do with our love for Cambodia. That makes sense right? You think of Cambodia. You think of snowflakes. Let […]

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Monkey Bread Muffins: FREE printable recipe guides from

This week in our at school section, I shared our Monkey Bread Math Fractions Lesson. The kiddos love cooking during homeschool. And what better way to apply fractions than cooking? They were so crazy about this simple sweet treat that I made a printable recipe for them to follow. I like cooking with the children […]


Pumpkin Pancakes FREE printable recipe guide for children with step-by-step directions and photos from

It’s fall and that means it is pumpkin time! Have you ever tasted plain pumpkin straight out of the can (not pumpkin pie)? It is down right horrific. Seriously horrifying. But you mix it into muffins, breads, casseroles . . . and it is amazingly tasty. After I discovered our 2 Ingredient Pumpkin Muffins, I […]


Light and Rich Yogurt Whole Wheat Pancakes: FREE printable recipe guides for kids from

Last year, I shared my famous version of my mother’s cottage cheese pancakes. Growing up with a mother who was a serious health-nut was not always tasty. (Healthy often does not equal tasty.) The one thing I did love was her light and rich cottage cheese pancakes. These funny little healthy pancakes have made me famous with […]


Savory Bites for a Busy Family: Cooking with Kids

Savory Bites: Meals You Can Make in Your Cupcake Pan by Hollis Wilder Here’s the funny thing . . . I don’t cook much with recipes. I try to keep my pantry stocked with some basic, healthy staples. Each night, I open the pantry and fridge and whip something up with what’s on hand. Having […]


Easy Decorated Fish Cookies by children from

Each month our family helps host Cambodia Cafe at our Church. Cambodia Cafe sells sweet treats to support our children and the AIM school in Cambodia. I find this ironic because I’m not much into baking sweet treats. While I thoroughly enjoy cooking, I consider baking to be a high-maintenance endeavor. My monthly venture into […]


Quick Cinnamon Ricotta Strawberry Muffins: FREE printable recipe guides for teaching children how to cook from

We are busy transitioning to our back to school routine. One of my homeschooling goals is to raise healthy, independent children. Consequently, cooking is part of our daily homeschool routine. This summer we invented a new recipe to add to the children’s recipe notebook. The children like these Quick Cinnamon Ricotta Strawberry Muffins for breakfast […]


Post image for 5 Delicious Sugar Substitutes and How to Use Them

I grew up as a deprived child. Long before it was popular, my mother was a health-nut. She rarely cooked with common staples like salt and sugar. There was one big problem with all of this healthy cooking. It didn’t taste that great. Shh! Don’t tell her. You might call it down right flavorless. By […]


Post image for Easy Stars and Stripes 4th of July Cupcakes

These cute 4th of July cupcakes are super duper easy. Baking in my house must be easy or I won’t even go there! My kiddos can decorate these flags with very little assistance. Just use your favorite cake mix and you’re all set. We like to use our mini cupcake recipe, our 2 ingredient cupcake […]

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Post image for Easy DIY Fishing Cupcakes

When it comes to birthdays, I try to get as much input as possible from my kiddos. But my middle name is low-maintenance so you won’t find any fussy Birthday Party ideas around here! I like to keep things simple. Thankfully, several years ago MacGyver began a tradition of celebrating his birthday at Aunt Joyce’s […]


Post image for The BEST Inexpensive Waffle Maker!

I enjoy cooking and I like eating even more! I guess it’s like a chicken or the egg kind-of thing. Which came first? I try to cook healthy for our family. Try is the story of my life. We are especially in a rush on Sunday mornings. I was feeding the children those frozen waffles […]


Post image for Robin Eggs Bird Nests Treats: FREE printable recipe guide for children

Little edible birdie nest. Cute! Right? Who knew you could mix marshmallows and chow mein noodles up into a tasty spring treat. I realize chow mein noodles sound weird but they basically taste like pretzels without all of the salt. I saw a photo of these sweet treats years ago but never got around to […]


Post image for Berry Creamy Heart Sandwiches: FREE printable recipe guide for children

Looking for a yummy Valentine’s Day Treat? How about our Berry Creamy Heart Sandwiches. They also make a yummy breakfast if you want to surprise everyone with a little berry love Valentine’s Day morning. Berry Creamy Heart Sandwiches FREE printable recipe guide Ingredients: 2 slices whole wheat bread 1 tbsp cream cheese 1 tbsp blueberries […]

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Post image for Berry Creamy Sandwiches: FREE Printable Recipe Guide for Children

The kiddos and I are busy adding to our repertoire of snack recipes.  Our Berry Creamy Sandwich can easily double as a breakfast recipe. How about that? A snack recipe that is healthy enough to be served at breakfast! Berry Creamy Sandwiches FREE printable recipe guide Ingredients: 2 slices whole wheat bread 1 tbsp cream […]

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Post image for Hazelnut Banana Bites: FREE Printable Recipe Guides for Children

My kiddos have a knack for waiting until I’m right in the middle of something to inform me, “I’m hungry! Can I have a snack?” My goal is to teach my children to head into the kitchen to whip up their own healthy snacks. Other than a few Kashi bars, we typically don’t have any […]


Post image for Mini Santa Cheesecakes: FREE printable recipe guide for children

Looking for an easy Christmas treat? The kiddos and I combined our supper easy mini cheesecake recipe with strawberry hats to create these ultra cute and tasty Mini Santa Cheesecakes for our friends and neighbors. I like simple, especially this time of year. Who am I kidding, when it comes to baking, I keep it […]


Post image for 2 Ingredient Pumpkin Cupcakes: FREE printable recipe guides

I had my doubts when Aunt Joyce first introduced us to this ultra simple 2 ingredient pumpkin cake recipe. When she told me all we had to do was mix a can of pumpkin (not pie mix) into a box of Devil’s Food Cake Mix, I thought she was crazy. But surprise, surprise! These pumpkin […]

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Post image for Mini Cheesecakes: FREE printable recipe guides for children

I’m a year behind. Seriously, I’m a full year behind! Last week Miss Engima celebrated her 6th birthday with an Operation Christmas Child Packing Party. But what happened to her 5th birthday party? No, we didn’t skip her birthday last year . . . Last year, the kiddos baked delicious Mini Cheesecakes for Miss Enigma’s […]


Post image for Good Morning Sunshine Mango Smoothies: FREE printable recipe guide

Part of our homeschool curriculum includes learning how to cook. If you haven’t noticed, I’ve been trying to work myself out of a job. I’m sneaky that way. Lucky for me the kiddos love to cook. By the time we’ve finished breakfast, we’ve already incorporated reading, following directions, measurement, cooperation, sharing and cleaning-up. Can we […]