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Raise your hand if you love spinach. Raise your hand if your children love spinach. Okay, I raised my hand high on the first question. I looooooove spinach. My children, not so much. It’s green and healthy so their picky pallets say, “I don’t like that!” However, we put together these spinach quesadillas and they […]


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We’re boldly moving ahead with our homeschool cooking 101. Yes, MacGyver knows how to sort his laundry on laundry days and he knows how to bake-up some cheesy quesadillas for himself and Miss Enigma. You’ll find a FREE printable link for MacGyver’s quesadillas at the end of the recipe. Ingredients:  Tortillas, Refried beans, Shredded cheese, […]


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You’re going to be shocked at how brilliant this recipe actually is. Okay, it’s not brilliant. But just like our personal pizzas of last week, these traditional sandwiches are simple and kid tested. MacGyver can assemble all of the ingredients himself and “cook” lunch for both himself and his little sister Miss Enigma. I usually […]


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When we began first grade homeschool, I decided it was time for MacGyver to learn how to cook and sort his laundry. Now if you’ve never met my Man of Steel, let me just say he is a wonderful husband and father. However, domestic he is not! When he went off to college he didn’t […]