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After one heck of a crazy summer, it’s back to school and back to our morning routine. After completing their morning jobs, the children cook breakfast. MacGyver, age 9, is in love with eggs. He especially loves his Easy Cheesy Egg Omelet. I’ve already told you that I don’t particularly like eggs cooked in the […]

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These healthy yogurt fruit smoothies are named in honor of Miss Enigma. Her favorite breakfast day is Smoothie Day. Miss Enigma is a terrifically picky eater. However, on Smoothie Day she cheers, “Yay, smoothies!” In addition to loving fruit smoothies, Miss Enigma is totally in love with Elvis. YES, Elvis! And by far her favorite […]


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These breakfast parfaits are healthy, easy and quick. So easy an eight and five year-old can prepare them all by themselves. Yes, you can layer these parfaits in fancy dessert glasses; however, we skip the fancy dessert glasses and use easy to handle bowls. This is a no fuss healthy breakfast that the kiddos make […]


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Lately, we’ve been all over the place here at waddlee-ah-chaa. The blog has reflected our crazy, scattered lives. So it’s time to regroup and get back on track with our series on Printable Breakfast Recipes for Children. I know, I know some people do not like oatmeal. Why? Actually, I can understand if they’re making […]


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To tell you the truth, I don’t particularly care for scrambled eggs that are cooked in the microwave. However, MacGyver, who is 8 years old, thinks they are fabulous! He can get out of bed and cook himself scrambled eggs with absolutely no help from me. Moms you gotta love that! And he thinks he […]


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I grew-up with a mother who was a health-nut, long before eating healthy was the in-thing to do. She made me eat some seriously un-tasty foods like dry, thick, dense buckwheat pancakes. My mouth is pastey just thinking about them. Way on the other end of the spectrum, she made these healthy, cottage cheese pancakes […]


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How about serving-up some heart shaped pancakes this Valentine’s Day. My kiddos thought I was immensely talented when I surprised them with heart shaped pancakes. But they’re actually quite easy! You don’t need any special gadgets, griddles or molds. If you have a tablespoon you’re all set . . . Use a tablespoon to make […]


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Every week my husband and I get together with a group of friends to play a casual game of cards. The gracious host and hostess share a dessert with all of us card players. Here’s the problem; I’m NOT a baker. Our sister Jennifer got all the talent for baking-up sweet treats. When we have […]

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I’m a simple Mommy, who is just a wee bit nostalgic. Okay, I admit it. I’m very nostalgic. When I was a child, my mother and sisters planned at home birthday parties for me that included simple, traditional party games. My sister Jennifer would bake-up a sheet cake and decorate it with those packaged sugar […]


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When we go to our local Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, the children beg for two things, fruit popsicles and GREEN pasta. Yes, GREEN pasta. The Children constantly request the healthy pasta’s made locally by Gourmet Texas Pasta. We’ve tried most of their flavors, from Artichoke Heart to Szechuan Orange Spice. They make almost 20 delicious […]


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I’m a bit of a fuddy-duddy when it comes to sweets in our house. Enter the picture my sisters. Aunt Jennifer and Aunt Joyce treat my children to all kinds of delicious sweets. On a visit to Aunt Joyce’s house last winter, MacGyver was served instant hot cocoa. MacGyver has been dreaming of hot cocoa […]


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Watch-out Fun Math Lesson Ahead! Have we ever mentioned our family is close?! That closeness extends to our mother’s family. Every year we still celebrate Christmas together. Growing-up, these Christmas celebrations included some delicious traditions: Aunt Gladys’s Upside Down Pineapple Cake, Aunt Leatrice’s Snickerdoolde Cookies (made especially for Jeannine) and Aunt Leatrice’s Trash Mix. You […]


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For Miss Enigma’s Halloween Birthday party we decided to keep the cupcakes simple and go a little bit healthier. I say a little bit healthier because we did start with a boxed cake-mix; however, we stuck to our two ingredient Deviously Delicious and Easy Pumpkin Muffins and Easy Spice Pumpkin Muffins. If you haven’t tried […]


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We first tried this Devilishly Delicious and Easy pumpkin recipe with Devil’s Food Moist Cake Mix. The chocolate and pumpkin combination was so yummy it got our creative taste buds going. This time around we traded the Devil’s Food mix for a Spice Cake mix. Once again we’ve hit the jackpot on easy and delicious. […]


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These muffins are so easy two little kiddos can make them. No seriously, they’re that simple. And they even taste good. But we won’t tell the kiddos that the pumpkin is actually good for them! I dare everyone not to take a taste while whipping up these muffins! Look for the FREE printable recipe guide […]


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1. How to cook. I know that sounds like a ridiculous No. 1 but I know many people who proclaim, “I don’t know how to cook.” The only way children will learn their way around the kitchen is by getting their hands dirty cooking in the kitchen. They learn kitchen safety, how to use kitchen […]


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Raise your hand if you love spinach. Raise your hand if your children love spinach. Okay, I raised my hand high on the first question. I looooooove spinach. My children, not so much. It’s green and healthy so their picky pallets say, “I don’t like that!” However, we put together these spinach quesadillas and they […]


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We’re boldly moving ahead with our homeschool cooking 101. Yes, MacGyver knows how to sort his laundry on laundry days and he knows how to bake-up some cheesy quesadillas for himself and Miss Enigma. You’ll find a FREE printable link for MacGyver’s quesadillas at the end of the recipe. Ingredients:  Tortillas, Refried beans, Shredded cheese, […]


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You’re going to be shocked at how brilliant this recipe actually is. Okay, it’s not brilliant. But just like our personal pizzas of last week, these traditional sandwiches are simple and kid tested. MacGyver can assemble all of the ingredients himself and “cook” lunch for both himself and his little sister Miss Enigma. I usually […]


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When we began first grade homeschool, I decided it was time for MacGyver to learn how to cook and sort his laundry. Now if you’ve never met my Man of Steel, let me just say he is a wonderful husband and father. However, domestic he is not! When he went off to college he didn’t […]