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The Important Thing About My Daddy - Father's Day Poem from Kids:

Week at a Glance: Books for Kids GIVEAWAY: The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown The Important Thing About My Daddy Poem Homemade Father’s Day Gift from Children   Books for Kids GIVEAWAY: The Important Book by Margaret Wise Brown Why we love this book: This morning the kiddos and I began brainstorming Father’s Day […]


All About My Daddy FREE printable Father's Day Gift from

10 Favorite Father’s Day Gifts Last Father’s Day, I went on a search for Father’s Day Gift Ideas from Kids. I compiled my 10 Favorite Father’s Day Gifts in a Father’s Day post. I especially liked the questionnaire type ideas and my favorite was a simple typed version by Daffodile Design. However, I have two […]


Daddy & Me Journal Father's Day Gift from Kids at

Week at a Glance: Books for Kids GIVEAWAY: I Love You When . . . by Annie Baker How to Make a Daddy & Me Journal FREE printable: Daddy & Me Journal introduction note I Love You When . . . Father’s Day Poem Template Books for Kids GIVEAWAY: I Love You When . . […]


Teaching Children how to balance Time with Technology from

I would not describe our family as an unplugged family. However, by today’s standards we are certainly not totally plugged-in. We tend to use technology more for work and less for play. By choice, we are behind when it comes to the latest and greatest technology gadgets. Our children do watch television but in limited […]


Post image for How to Make a Backyard Science Center for Kids

Spotlight on MacGyver’s Backyard Science Center. The learning that takes place in this area is exhilarating!   Meet my son MacGyver. His nickname is self explanatory and very fitting. MacGyver makes something out of nothing every single day of his life. When he’s not lost in a whirlwind of creative mess, he’s out exploring the […]


Post image for 5 Delicious Sugar Substitutes and How to Use Them

I grew up as a deprived child. Long before it was popular, my mother was a health-nut. She rarely cooked with common staples like salt and sugar. There was one big problem with all of this healthy cooking. It didn’t taste that great. Shh! Don’t tell her. You might call it down right flavorless. By […]


Post image for 10 Father’s Day Gifts from Kids: Book of the Week GIVEAWAY

Father’s Day Book GIVEAWAY: Me with You by Kristy Dempsey and Christopher Denise Why we love this book: Father’s Day is Sunday, June 15, 2014. That means it’s time to start thinking about showing Daddy some love!  The message in the story is simple and sweet illustrating the special bond between daughter and Daddy (or […]


Post image for October is Fire Safety Month!

Do you and your family have a Fire Safety Plan? October is the month to seriously focus on Fire Safety. Last October, Aunt Joyce helped our family put together a Fire Safety Plan. Head on over to our post Fire Safety Tips for Children for important tips, helpful links and recommended read alouds. Preschool Fire […]


Post image for Reward Punch Cards: FREE printable

Last week, I summarized the evolution and details of our job reward system. This week I’m going to highlight our Reward Punch Card. Original Post: 5 Steps to Get Your Children to do Their Chores – Mommy Tested Ideas MacGyver has graduated from his simple morning jobs to helping more around the house. Again we […]


Post image for 5 Steps to Get Your Children to do Their Chores: Mommy Tested Ideas

Our family is far from perfect when it comes to encouraging our children to help around the house. However, I am on a never ending quest to raise responsible, independent, self-sufficient children. One technique I can assure you does not work is nagging! Believe me I’ve tried it over and over again. One day I […]


Post image for Little Helping Hands, Math, Sorting, Learning: FREE printable

Miss Enigma, age 4, has become a little helper around the house. She especially likes to help Mommy cook. A few days ago, she wandered into the kitchen, grabbed the kitchen stool and announced, Miss Enigma: “I’m ready to help you cook. What are we cooking today?” Mommy: “I’m sorry, Mommy is finished cooking right […]


Post image for Back to School with Morning Jobs for Children: FREE printable

Lately, I’ve been feeling a lot like Jerry Macguire pleading, “Help me, help you . . .” One of my big goals in life is to make my children independent. To teach them independence, the children have little routine morning jobs like getting dressed, brushing their teeth, feeding the dog. . . And daily chores […]


Post image for Homeschool Store: FREE printables

99% of what we do during our homeschool day is an adaptation of what I did as a classroom teacher. As a teacher, I learned two important things: 1. Children like to be rewarded for “good” behavior. 2. All children love to please their teacher. Now this pleasing the teacher thing is much easier for […]