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Last week I began our tour of affordable San Diego with a visit to La Jolla Cove. The seals, waves and adventures at La Jolla Cove received a big thumbs up from the entire family! Join us for more affordable outdoor adventures in San Diego . . . Torrey Pines Beach Some people go to […]


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Early in the summer, our Man of Steel announced he had to travel to San Diego on business. I quickly volunteered the rest of the family to travel along to keep him company. So we used our FREE Southwest tickets and jumped on a plane headed to San Diego in June. When we decided the […]


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Before we had children, we traveled to Europe and often headed south to Mexico and Belize. Just before MacGyver turned two, we packed him up, jumped on an airplane and took him to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico. The trip was fabulous; however, we were not so gently ushered into the reality of vacationing with children. It’s much different traveling […]


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I’m not an expert on much, but I have been deemed a “beach professional” by some. Every year we pack up the kiddos and head to the beach for some much needed R&R and family downtime. Through the years, I have helped many friends and family members plan affordable beach vacations (in and out of […]


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It’s May:  warm weather, fun in the sun and maybe a trip to the beach.  Last May, Jeannine and I did something that would make most people scratch their head and ask,  “Do you two honestly love kids that much?”  We packed up one uncle, five kids ages 2, 5, 7, 8, and 11, and […]


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Family Friendly Beach Vacation to Fort Morgan, Alabama One of the most wonderful things about homeschooling is truly using the world as our classroom. When I was teaching, I tried to bring the world into the classroom, often with much success. But nothing can replace getting out into the world and hands-on learning. Last year […]


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Have we mentioned that we have a really close extended family? No, I mean really close. When my niece Alyssa (Joyce’s youngest) graduated with her masters, she wanted to celebrate by taking a trip with her Mother Joyce and her Aunt Jeannine to Playa del Carmen, Mexico (One of Jeannine’s favorite places on earth!). That […]


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I day dream a lot! Since Mother’s Day is approaching, I started day dreaming about my children and how we have spent our past Mother’s Days. Here are my little beach bums Mother’s Day 2007. I just want to scoop up these two and smother them with kisses. If they grow up to be professional […]

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