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Little edible birdie nest. Cute! Right? Who knew you could mix marshmallows and chow mein noodles up into a tasty spring treat. I realize chow mein noodles sound weird but they basically taste like pretzels without all of the salt. I saw a photo of these sweet treats years ago but never got around to […]


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Educational Toy GIVEAWAY: IKEA TITTA DJUR Finger Puppets Why we love these Finger Puppets from IKEA: They’re cute! Ten come in a package, making them a bargain. When I saw this set of ten finger puppets, I knew I had to snag a set to put in hiding for Miss Enigma’s Easter Basket. Lucky you, […]


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Week at a Glance: GIVEAWAY of the Week: Story Cubes Story Cubes Easter Basket Stuffer Story Cubes Illustration Game Dog Loves Drawing Story Telling Inspiration The Coloring Book Easter Basket Recommendation Toy Review and GIVEAWAY of the Week: Rory’s Story Cubes Why we love Story Cubes: When it comes to Birthday’s and Holidays, I like […]


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We try not to shower junk upon our children. Despite their pleas for stuff we typically say NO.  Nevertheless, I have two big weaknesses when it comes to the kiddos: books and art supplies. I guess you have noticed I am addicted to books and I love art. I want to grow thinking children who […]

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Week at a Glance: Book of the Week GIVEAWAY: 10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle FREE printable books: 10 Little Ducks (3 versions) FREE printable duck counters FREE printable book: I See a Nest Puppet Show: 5 Little Ducks Book of the Week GIVEAWAY: 10 Little Rubber Ducks by Eric Carle Why we love […]


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Our mother is a health nut! Consequently, Easter candy is a big NO! NO! Not that the grandchildren mind too much because Grandma’s money stuffed Easter eggs have become a long standing tradition. Many are stuffed with pennies but some are actually stuffed with a quarter. And then there’s the traditional big prize egg which […]