Juggling Mother’s Day: May 9th

May 3, 2010

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Is this a juggler? No! This is a very important Mommy cooking macaroni.

Recently while working with a small guided group of 5 year-olds, we had a discussion about their Mommies. While they drew portraits of their Mommies, we chatted about their pictures and their Mommies. I’d like to share a few of their portraits and their comments about their Mommies. I planned to “write”‘ their favorite “recipes” their Mommies cook. I had a simple pattern in mind; however, they had so much more to say! So I followed their lead.

Mother's Day child interview

Child“My Mommy cleans the house. She is always cleaning and sometimes she cooks me mini pizzas. They are my favorite. I gave my Mommy a big red heart. She is nice.”

Mother's Day child interview

Child “My Mommy has green eyes, (I think). She likes to wear crowns and this dress makes her look real pretty. I gave her red lipstick too. My Mommy cooks me all kinds of good stuff: brownies, cakes, jello (all kinds). And, oh, did I already say cookies?”

Mother's Day child interview

Child: “My Mommy has really long black hair, it’s pretty and curly. I drew her with my favorite black dress she wears. It’s long and I gave her some lipstick, I love lipstick.

Teacher: “Do you have a favorite food your Mommy cooks?”

Child: “I like when my Mommy cooks macaroni and cheese, this special soup, it has broccoli, shrimp and crab cakes, that’s all. No, No, she cooked a strawberry cake. I loved, loved, LOVED IT!”

Mother's Day child interview

Child: “This is my Mama. She is wearing a really beautiful party dress. She wears it when my Daddy and Mama go out. I think she’s really beautiful and I like it when she wears all her sparkly jewelry.”

Teacher: “What is you favorite thing to cook with your Mama?”

Child: “Bake chocolate chip cookies in my easy bake oven.”

Mother's Day child interview

Child: “I like when my Mommy wears shirts with lots of colors. You like her earrings? I like when she cooks me macaroni.”

Just trying to keep it real this Mother’s Day. Real-kid-work. Real-kid-comments. Real-kids loving their Mommies!

This little boy had it right in a big way: Mommies are jugglers!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of you Mommies who really are jugglers: juggling life, juggling the laundry, juggling the dirty dishes, juggling the vacuuming, juggling dirty toilets, juggling diaper changes, juggling potty training, juggling grocery shopping, juggling macaroni, juggling baths . . . juggling hugs and kisses each and every night!

A Few of our Favorite Books Featuring Mothers:

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Mommies, what are you currently juggling?

Life with Joyce

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Deborah May 3, 2010 at 4:08 pm

Oh how cute – this is an excellent idea!!

Celeste Salge May 6, 2010 at 9:57 pm

Being a mom is all worth it when your grown up child says “You were right, mom.” about different things you told them about life.
My ultimate Mother’s Day is being able to spend time with my mom and my sons in one of my son’s backyard having lunch provided by Rudy’s.

You might be a Mother if you can explain to your child what “Thank God” means when he asks “Mom, what does Thank God mean when you come and pick me up from day care and my teacher says “Thank God”.

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