Look Close, Look Close, What do you see?

June 22, 2011

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Look Close, Look Close, What do you see?

Could it be a baby opossum up a tree?

Recently, MacGyver came running proclaiming, “Something’s in the drain! Something’s in the drain on the side of the house. Shadow is going crazy! There’s something in the drain!”

He was right. Shadow, our wanna-be-hunting-dog, had definitely detected something in our drain.

Our Man of Steel to the rescue with a water hose down the drain to flush the little critter out.

Suddenly, MacGyver announced, “It’s a possum! It’s a possum, I saw it’s nose.”

I thought for sure that drain pipe was not large enough for a opossum so I assumed it had to be the most terrifying creature known to man, A RAT! So I retreated to the other side of the house trembling with fear, “Oh Dear God, please do not let me see a rat this day. Amen.”

Then an answer to my prayers. I hear the children yelling, “It is a possum! It is a possum! Hurry Mommy it’s out!”

The sad, terrified, wet little baby opossum crawled to safety up a tree.

Now that I get a fresh look at it, this baby opossum kind of looks like a big fat, wet rat! Excuse me I’m feeling faint.

But at the time he just looked so darn adorable.

As we attempted to quietly observe him up in his tree, for we were afraid we might literally scare him to death, he just stared right back at us.

I’ll have to admit, that is the prettiest baby opossum that I ever did see! (Way better than a fat, wet rat!)

Life with Jeannine

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This week we’re asking, what is the prettiest thing that you ever did see out in nature? Come check out Joyce’s entry! Have you ever seen a baby wren hatch?

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Robin June 22, 2011 at 7:42 pm

When I was about 15 I raised 7 baby opossums… they are really cute when they are young.

maryanne June 24, 2011 at 5:15 pm

I’m glad it wasn’t a rat! We had a DEAD snake in our dryer vent last month. Not good.

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