Follow Me to Fall: FREE printable book

September 25, 2012

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Last fall we highlighted Alyssa’s trip to the beautiful Lost Maples of Texas, click on over for helpful links for planning a day trip.

The hike through the Lost Maples is definitely worth the drive! We’ve put together a FREE printable book highlighting the gorgeous change of fall colors. You can find the FREE printable book link at the end of this post.

Follow Me to Fall

(FREE printable book)

Follow Me to Fall: FREE printable book


Follow Me to Fall: FREE printable book

I see a colorful pile of leaves.

Follow Me to Fall: FREE printable book

I see one big brown leaf.

 Follow Me to Fall: FREE printable book

I see orange leaves on a tree.

 Follow Me to Fall: FREE printable book

I see two little leaves.

 Follow Me to Fall: FREE printable book

I see red leaves on a tree.

 Follow Me to Fall: FREE printable book

Follow me. I see more fall this way!

 Follow Me to Fall: FREE printable book

I see four leaves with points.

 Follow Me to Fall: FREE printable book

I see a bird’s nest up in a tree.

Go for a fall walk. What do you see?

Print this book FREE: Follow Me to Fall

Life with Joyce

Let it Fall: Giveaway

Book of the Week GIVEAWAY: Let It Fall by Maryann Cocca – Leffler

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