Build and Play Construction Fort: Educational Toy Review

February 20, 2013

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It’s a dreary, rainy day today. My kiddos usually spend their afternoons playing in our big backyard. Luckily, Grandma gave Miss Enigma a Discovery Kids Build and Play Construction Fort Set for Christmas. Excellent indoor activity for dreary winter days.

The box features several designs to spark the children’s architecture creativity. Add a sheet and you take the construction fort to a whole new level. Miss Enigma is big into making tents, stringing sheets from bed to bed and chair to chair. These construction pieces are perfect for her tent building. Ask our dogs. They have spent many hours snuggling with Miss Enigma inside her tents.

Build & Play Construction Fort

The 77 construction pieces come with sticks and connectors.

Build & Play Construction Fort

Here’s where it gets complicated . . . the sticks connect to the connectors.

Wait that’s actually really easy. So simple a child can do it! Just give it a little muscle.

Build & Play Construction Fort

A plan for a ship design is being hatched.

Build & Play Construction Fort

“You sit in the Captain’s Chair. Let me see how tall the ship needs to be.”

Build & Play Construction Fort

“A few more snaps and we’re ready to cast off into the deep blue sea.”

5 Little Ducks Puppet Show

Monday the children used the Build and Play pieces to construct a puppet theater.

5 Little Ducks Puppet Show

Absolutely perfect stage for their Five Little Ducks puppet show!

Build & Play Construction Fort

Review of the Build and Play Construction Fort

  • sparks creativity and problem solving
  • develops spatial reasoning
  • requires patience and cooperation
  • introduces basics of geometry and structures
  • extremely versatile
  • gender neutral
  • fun
  • even better with snacks under the sheet

Things to Consider

  • recommended 5+, however, younger children will need adult help
  • this is a learning toy, some children may need help designing sturdy structures
  • these are not permanent tents, they will fall down if children do not play carefully
  • If you have a kid like MacGyver, he’ll want more pieces!

As I type, the kiddos are busy building an airplane. Perhaps I’ll have update photos tomorrow . . .

Life with Jeannine

What do your kiddos do on dreary, rainy days?

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maryanne @ mama smiles February 21, 2013 at 5:42 pm

Great review! I’ve actually wondered about this toy. Your kids use it so creatively!

Chris Turner November 19, 2016 at 1:45 pm

What a piece of garbage. Our kids simply do not have the strength to put the rods into the balls. We even have a hard time inserting the pieces, and then they come apart. DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT.

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