Square Foot Garden Design Ideas

May 7, 2013

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I’m once again highlighting one of our favorite plant nurseries: The Natural Garden located in Austin, Texas. The Natural Gardener is one of the  most innovative garden centers I have seen. Every trip promises a of day a natural beauty.


Each time we visit I find myself in awe and inspired to get busy gardening! The first time we took a day trip to The Natural Gardener, I was determined to build my own backyard Square Foot Gardens. Look at my backyard now! Ha! This is a photo from our first visit to The Natural Gardener. Doesn’t it make you want to get dirt under your fingernails?

On our recent trip, I snapped some more inspiring Square Foot Garden Design Ideas . . .


Square Foot Garden Designs

Square Foot Garden Grid

  • the square foot garden is 4′ x 4′
  • it is divided into a grid for 16 small plants or 8 large plants
  • this is the hard part about gardening, in the beginning it looks so sparse

Square Foot Garden Designs

Square Foot Garden Greens and Flower Mix

  • edible beauty
  • the seed packets are laminated and displayed on sticks

Square Foot Garden Designs

Rectangle Square Foot Garden Design

  • the rectangle garden is 6′ x 3′
  • greens, strawberries and flowers mix


Triangle Square Foot Garden Design

  • each board is 4′
  • beautiful edible yellow, red and green swiss chard
  • pine needle path between each square foot garden

Square Foot Garden Designs

Covered Square Foot Garden

  • rebar frame covered in chicken wire and fabric tarp
  • tender spring veggies get a head start in this protected structure

Square Foot Garden Designs

Supported Square Foot Garden

  • above rebar frame structure uncovered
  • tall lanky plants can use the extra support

Square Foot Garden Designs

Protected Square Foot Garden

  • keep the deer and other critters out of the garden
  • and it’s darn cute
  • This is the one I need need! Look out deer, you shall be banned!

Square Foot Garden Designs

Vine Structures for the Square Foot Garden

  • bamboo, metal stakes, and folded fencing wire sheet

Step 4: Mix the dirt for the square foot garden

How to Build a Square Foot Garden

  • supplies, step-by-step directions with pictures
  • recipe and directions for mixing recommended Square Foot Garden soil

Gardening with Children

Rustic Square Foot Garden Designed by Children

  • photo journal of square foot garden designed, built and planted by children

Square Foot Garden Designs

Happy Gardening! Time for me to get a little dirt under my fingernails!

Have you tried Square Foot Gardening? What is your favorite gardening tip?

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